SEO Checklist For Improving Your Brand SERP Visibility

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SEO Checklist

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect to be focused on if you have a brand website or looking to target organic traffic. But unlike other performance marketing tools, SEO is not just about a single tool and utilising it to its best to drive results. It is a mix of approaches that ensures making real-time changes to the website to ensure it aligns with the SERP algorithm and can rank on top.

Hence, you need to have a well-planned SEO strategy for your website. But you might ask, “What is a Well-Planned SEO Strategy?” Let’s take your question a step further and also discuss the key elements that you must include to fully-proof your SEO strategy. 

What is a Well-Planned SEO Strategy?

In layman’s terms, a well-planned SEO strategy can be summed up as a strategic approach that can ensure your guaranteed positioning on the SERPs. Considering the SERPs, it can be reflected that it can be on any platform i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. However, since Google dominates the market with more than 90% of searches, the primary focus is always towards getting the website rank on Google SERPs. 

The best approach to get a well-planned SEO strategy for your brand is to connect with an experienced SEO company in Jaipur. Also, you can follow the provided SEO guide by Google to develop your SEO understanding. However, the resources being provided by Google are unexhaustive and may not be easy to understand for everyone.

Don’t Worry, based on our industry experience, we will be covering some of the most important topics that you must be aware of regarding SEO strategy development. 

Essential Elements of A Well-Planned SEO Strategy

Technical SEO 

The basic aspect or element to be focused on before moving on to your website SEO is to work on your technical SEO. Surveys being conducted by industry experts reveal that most brands are able to work on the on-page and visible aspects of SEO but skip the technical part.

The technical SEO can also be defined as a part of your website development. Such includes working on your site structuring, indexing, domain structuring, page speed, meta tags and much more. Again the list associated with technical SEO is unexhaustive, also Google ensures introducing the relevant algorithm updates to enhance the user experience. With every algorithm update any of the past technical aspects get eliminated and new criteria get added on. To identify such a shift it is important to have experience with technical SEO and an understanding of its potential impact on your website’s performance. 

On-Page SEO

Once you have made all the relevant changes to the technical aspect of your website, the next approach is to work on the on-page or visible aspects. To attract and retain users on your website, simply having a well-structured webpage and URL is not enough. As your user might not care about your URL structuring or site map. Hence, to ensure a guaranteed SEO performance, it is important to work on enhancing the visual aspects of your website.

Such can be identified as engaging content, optimized images, keyword insertion, content structuring, optimized titles & headings and a better user experience. The process starts with conducting keyword research and developing engaging content for your website. On-page SEO is also important to ensure that your product is better displayed and conveyed to your potential/targeted audiences. 

Off-Page SEO 

Raking on SERP doesn’t have a set criteria or checklist that you can simply fulfil to achieve your ranking goals. However, the best that you can do is to check on all the relevant SEO tactics and checkboxes recommended by an SEO expert or Google’s search engine guide.

As for the search engine guide and available resources, it can be reflected that ranking on search engines relies on the EEAT aspect. It includes the Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of the website. Hence, the Off-Page SEO practices help in fulfilling such EEAT criteria. Partnering with an experienced SEO service provider in Jaipur can help you better understand off-page SEO practices. 

To summarise the practice, it can be stated that it includes link-building, guest posting, brand mentions, online reputation development and much more. Hence, to ensure proven SEO results it is important to plan your approach through which you can improve your off-page SEO performances. 

Local SEO

A significant SEO aspect that most of the website owners miss is working on Local SEO practices. If you have a presence in a local or regional market, then local SEO is the best approach to focus on. Such is majorly applicable if you have an offline store, or focus more on catering for the audience’s needs in a specific region.

Hence, in such a situation, Local SEO can help you better engage with the audience within the region and penetrate the market. The best approach to target the local market is to focus on local keywords, working on your Google My Business Profile as well as other relevant local factors.

The above-mentioned elements are the key factors that often form the base of your SEO strategy. Ignoring any of the above-mentioned aspects can negatively harm your ranking and your SEO performance. If you are already working on the above-mentioned aspects, but still not getting the desired results, we would recommend going through the below SEO checklist. 

SEO Checklist to Consider

The provided list is just an overview of the factors that you must consider while planning or redrafting your SEO strategy. However, there can be several other factors that you can learn about by interacting with an experienced SEO company in Jaipur

Revisit The Keywords Used

The most basic approach to be focused on if you are not getting the desired ranking is to check for the keywords used. There are chances that you might be using outdated keywords or keywords with low or irrelevant search results. Several tools including Google Keywords Researcher can help you search for relevant keywords.

But to decide on the actual use of keywords highly depends on the skills and expertise of the individual doing SEO for your website. Hence, if your existing SEO campaign is not delivering the results, an effective approach can be to outsource your SEO to an experienced agency.

You can consider making use of long-tail keywords as well as branded keywords to target niche audiences and specify your SEO campaign. Also, can evaluate the keyword strategies that are being used by your potential competitors to secure and retain their rankings. 

Check For Any Broken and Bad Links

Google clearly mentions that irrespective of the SEO standards, the one with the most weightage is the user experience. If your website has any of the elements that can hamper user experience, then there is no chance of ranking at all. Hence, it is recommended to cross-check the links on your website and eliminate any of broken and bad links associated.

You can check your site map to identify any of the broken links as well as make use of online tools that help locate any of the broken links available. The broken links impact your website crawling, as well as the user experince. For instance; if Google’s crawling bot comes across a broken link, it simply stops crawling. Also, when a user looking for a specific page doesn’t find it the bounce rate increases.

Whether you are offering products or services to your customers, you need to have a constant eye on your webpage infrastructure and layout. 

Webpage Speed 

Another technical associated SEO recommendation is to check for your website speed. Several surveys and studies have concluded that to boost and retain your user experience, your webpage must load within 3-5 sec. If your website is taking more time to load, then it might act as a key barrier for your user to access your website.

You can manually check the loading speed of your website, as well as make use of online tools to precisely check on loading time. Based on such an evaluation you can plan on the required optimizations and improvements for your website. Such a speed improvement can be done by relieving yourr website load. It mostly includes optimizing the images on your website and deleting poorly developed or past web pages.

If you are still confused as to why your website speed is slow, you must connect with an experienced developer or an SEO expert in Jaipur. They are well aware of the weak points which result in impacting your overall website performance. Accordingly, they can be worked on and can be eliminated. 

Mobile Optimization

If you have skipped the mobile optimization part for your webpage, then it can be your worst mistake in 2024 and beyond. As per the data, about 60% of the searches occur on mobile platforms. Hence, if you are still working only on desktop SEO optimization then you need to revamp and shift your approach.

Mobile Optimization for SEO involves making your website aligned with the mobile algorithm and ensuring its smooth operations on mobile devices. Mobile screens are much smaller than desktops and can incorporate less content at once. So you need to plan on your content, images and visuals to be displayed on the mobile. These aspects are important to ensure a lag-free performance and to retain users.

However, while optimizing your website for mobile, you must ensure that both your mobile and desktop site has a resemblance. Both must not be completely different from each other in terms of the appearance and the information available. If such a difference exists then it can harm your website’s authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Such factors indicate that you need to interact with both experienced developers as well as SEO experts who can assist you in creating an engaging webpage. Also, such can further ensure having a full-proof SEO strategy for your website. 

Check For Backlink Authoritativeness

For your SEO performance, you also need to check your backlink authoritativeness. It includes checking on the reputation of the website from where your backlinks are coming. The SEO experts reflect that it is important to ensure that your website has backlinks from reputed and trusted websites rather than spammy websites.

Conducting backlink checks can further allow you to work on improving your website’s authoritativeness and to check for any spammy links associated. Also, it can help you identify the backlink platforms from where you are getting higher organic traffic and those that are not delivering traffic at all. Accordingly, the relevant changes can be adopted in your existing SEO strategy. 

Work on Your Content

It is a recommendation, that you may not find most of the SEO experts suggesting to you. As they are more aligned towards the technical and algorithm-based changes. Along with such, you must also work on your content. It means that your content must align with the changing user preferences and social trends. Such a shift is important to engage and further retain your users.

Content Marketing is an important part of the SEO strategy, as it helps in developing internal and external links. Also, it helps in creating a positive brand image through information sharing. Content marketing can be done in the form of blogs, guest posts as well as other relevant platforms. To ensure your website content and your strategy are aligned with industry needs, you can connect with SEO professionals and experienced content writing service providers. They can work on your website and can deliver relevant content, which can be used to promote your brand and products/services.

Hence, it can be concluded that you should work on making your content the possible level best. Such can actively help you engage your users and to promote your brand. 

Misc Factors

The above-mentioned are the key factors that you should not miss or ignore at all. Apart from these, there are several miscellaneous factors including competitor analysis, website security, indexed pages, suit reports and much more. Also, partnering with an expert SEO company can help you identify some of the relevant factors that can indicate in depth about your website’s SEO performance.

These factors actively can help you boost your SEO performance and your website ranking on SERPs.

Also Read: What is Performance Marketing? It will help you better understand the importance of digital tools for your brand growth in the transformative business scenario. 

Wrapping Up

Hope the blog has provided some useful insights regarding the SEO approaches and how to improve them. While drafting your SEO strategy or improvement plan you must consider that being relevant and updated is the key to your SEO success. Hence, it is recommended to partner with a leading SEO company in Jaipur. A leading SEO player is well aware of digital trends and the latest SEO updates to be followed. 

So you can better utilise their experience to boost your SEO performance and your website ranking. If you are looking for an experienced SEO company in Jaipur, you can connect with our professionals at VerveOnlineMarketing. We are the leading and trusted performance marketing agency with a proven track record. Our experts offer an array of digital solutions including SEO, SMO, PPC, and other digital marketing solutions for your brand. So what are you waiting for? Connect with our professionals and boost your online presence today. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Perform My Website’s SEO Audit On My Own?

Yes, you can, but to conduct a precise and real-time SEO audit you will require access to trusted SEO tools, which are mostly paid. Hence, rather than paying for their subscription, a better approach is to connect with a leading SEO company. They can help you conduct your SEO audit as well as can help in making relevant changes to improve your SEO performance. 

Can I Get My SEO Audit Report For Free? 

If you are looking to get your website SEO audit report for free, you can connect with our professionals at VerveOnlineMarketing. They can conduct a detailed SEO audit for your website and can identify potential errors. Based on the reports relevant suggestions can be provided and your SEO performance can further be improved. 

How Will I Know That I Need an SEO Audit?

Certain indicators reflect the need for conducting an SEO audit. It can be your declining website ranking, no ranking at all, or failing to secure ranking despite efforts. These factors indicate that there is a bug or gap that is restricting the positioning of your website. So it is important to connect with an SEO expert as early as possible. 

Are SEO Results Guaranteed? 

SEO is a long-term process that aims towards securing a better and improved website position/ranking on SERPs. Better ranking means more organic traffic and hence higher chances of conversion. However several factors collaboratively impact the rankings. So rather than looking for the guarantee you must aim towards the efforts made that can deliver better results.

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