What Is Content Marketing And How Is It Useful For Performance Marketing?

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Content Marketing And How Is It Useful For Performance Marketing?

Before getting into content marketing and its detailed description, we must know that change is the only constant in the marketing field. Marketing trends change rapidly and if you do not catch up with these changes as a business, you might lack the exposure and potential customers for your business. As a content marketing agency in India, we want to clarify that knowing what is important for your business and working for it is as important as acknowledging all your marketing options. In this blog, we will let you know a very essential type of marketing which is content marketing in detail. Plus, we will know how it is important for performance marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy that is all about creating and sharing relevant material for your business. This relevance works both ways for business and the market. Some types of content materials that get involved in content marketing are social media posts, emails, videos, blogs, articles, and much more. They are used for establishing market expertise, engaging potential audiences, brand awareness promotions, and for driving sales. For example, marketers posting infographics online is the best example of content marketing.

It is visual and more appealing content on social media. It is posted with a crisp and attention-grabbing headline. This type of useful content is very helpful in getting potential leads. One more example is using Meta ad lining to a product page can deliver quick conversion for your business from the silver target audience that is almost ready to buy what you are trying to sell.

In short, content marketing is a golden strategy that builds an authentic relationship with your target audience. They connect with you because of your content and the valuable information you share with them through it just like a wise friend. So, whenever they decide to buy the product, you come up first, in their minds.

Here are some objectives that are focused on by content marketers for a better business development strategy-

  • Content can introduce potential customers to your brand and keep them engaged with it.
  • For building trust content works like a milestone. By sharing valuable information you establish your credibility.
  • We all know content is king in search engine optimization. So, without good content, nothing works in SEO because search engines only prefer websites that have good and useful content.
  • Content can help your customers understand how other people use your product and their views. Also, it helps you understand what is working for your audience and what is not.

Note- Know the fact that content marketing is not about just posting a video or writing a blog which can be done easily in this era of many advanced tools. To help a business achieve marketing goals, you need a strategy.

Before getting into the strategy, you should some common types of content marketing.

Types of Content Marketing

Content to be published in marketing can be visual, written, or both. We have a list of different types of content used in content marketing-

  • Blog posts 
  • Infographics 
  • Videos 
  • Email
  • Email newsletters 
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • Landing pages
  • Ebooks and white papers

Some of them we will discuss in detail here.

Blog Post

We all know about articles and blog posts because they are the most common types of content you see online. They are very famous because they can be created easily and there are minimal barriers to sharing them. Plus, if you regularly update articles and blogs then you get an immense amount of regular reader and their trust. You build authority because if your readers consider your blog a source of authentic information then they will most likely trust your recommendations and advice.

White Papers and Ebooks

Ebooks are the best way to provide detailed information and insights. In comparison with blogs, you get in-depth, original data about a topic from Ebooks. They are capable of highlighting your company’s products/services, exploring more complex subjects, and sharing the research that gives solutions to a topic. This type of content can give more potential leads because when you offer your audience the content as gated assets, readers have to pay and provide their personal information to read the full content. Gated content allows you to have a fair exchange and exposure to truly interesting people. In this way, it is a win-win situation. You get potential customers and they get the best content.

Email Marketing

It is a type of content marketing that promises high-return investment (ROI). The return varies according to different sources but if you can get an estimate then $36 can be the as much as return you expect for every spent dollar on email marketing. So, it is very obvious most marketers use email newsletters for distributing their content. If being consistent is your thing, then email is the best way of providing fresh content consistently to your readers.

The best example of understanding this process is if you sign up with Salesforce, they instantly receive an email with links to helpful resources. These roundup emails work as a fantastic introduction for new customers. Companies can easily pick and answer some common questions proactively for their new customers.

As an eCommerce company, you should send newsletter emails and provide fresh content to your customers so they can keep connections and push products timely like special occasions. This is why email marketing is a great content marketing tactic to keep your brand on the top of your customers’ minds and encourage recurring business.

Audio and Video Content

In this era of social media audio and video content has become highly important for businesses to connect with their audiences appropriately.

According to a study, approximately 90% of marketers benefited from this type of content with good ROI and 52% agreed that audio and video content help them reduce support queries.

On the other end for B2B businesses, the best medium to connect with their target audiences is Podcasts. They are considered to be the most powerful content for B2B businesses.

However, all types of content play a vital role in business development. So, let us find out the potential benefits of Content Marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing

We all have heard that content is the king. Still, knowing the potential benefits of high-quality content is essential. Because most marketers are relying on content marketing for better business opportunities. So, let us find out some benefits of good content.

Online Visibility

If you get engaged with your audience in places then they will give you frequent access and open the gates for more potential leads at the top of your funnel. You need to post consistently to branch out to more channels and expand your audience. In this way, you can attract audiences and channel your different demographics.

More Leads

For many B2C businesses content is the medium to reach out to potential leads through effective content marketing tactics. You can get more eyes on useful content published by your brand. These posts are generally paired with impactful CTA (Call To Action) buttons which means more people are interested in trying your product or service.

You can use content in any form according to your convenience and the brand’s needs to generate potential leads. You can make a social post about your next webinar, or product launch and paste the link in the bio. Then post direction such as you can go to bio to find more information about it.

Another way is to post embedded links in your blogs or instruct the sales team to contact you directly from ebooks and white papers.


With the help of content marketing a brand can acquire authority. When you become a reliable and expert source of knowledge, your brand becomes a trusted authority. If you are trusted by people then they will prefer to buy from you. With the help of the following types of content, you can create expertise and authority.

  • Answers questions 
  • Unearths new information and data 
  • Gives away some secrets
  • Share insights from other respected sources

Apart from these benefits, you can get more engagement and budget with the help of good content.

Now, if you see how helpful content marketing can be for your business strategies like performance marketing. This is because through good content you can run effective social media ads and campaigns that will help you enhance your brand image and get your potential leads and conversions.

End Notes

At the end of this blog, we can summarize, content marketing is a powerful tool for business development and supporting your other marketing techniques like performance marketing. So, make sure you include it in your marketing strategies. If you are new to business then it is suggested to hire a professional performance marketing agency in India like Verve Online Marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency; we have delivered our services of PPC, SEO, and SMO to several of our happy clients. The best part of our dedicated team you would like is providing effective digital marketing services to our dozens of clients. We have years of experience to deliver you the outstanding digital marketing services you deserve.

Moreover, we have a single-window solution. Where we deliver the services of logo designing and branding services- connect with us on VerveBranding and for web and app development services, you can connect with us on VerveLogic.

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