What Are SERPs? Why Are They Significant?

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What Are SERPs Why Are They Significant

Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing your content and website to suit the search engine algorithms. Such an alignment with the search engine algorithms is important so that your website/webpage can rank better and ahead of your competitors. But where do these websites rank? The answer is on the SERP or the Search Engine Ranking Pages. 

What Are SERPs? 

Search Engine Ranking Pages is the page that contains the list of all the websites and pages based on the search query of the user. Every search engine has its SERP, but as of the current market statistics, it can be identified that Google holds the market with more than 80% of the searches. Hence, optimizing your website as per the Google SERP has become more significant in modern times.

  What Are SERPs?    

Elements of Google SERP

Since Google leads the market with more search count, it is significant to better understand the key elements and features of Google SERP and to plan your SEO Strategy accordingly. 

Featured & Rich Snippets

A common element that you can easily find on every SERP is snippets. They are also called the zero ranking position on SERP. For a better understanding, a snippet is an answer provided by Google to your question. Such an answer is based on the data available on Google or posted by the users. To get positioning on such snippets, the best approach is to work on your content quality.

For SEO working on snippets acts out to be a significant aspect as it can help in improved conversion. Working on content allows you to provide your users with relevant information specific to their questions. Hence, contributes towards improved engagement and retention. 

Featured & Rich Snippets

Organic Results

Another essential element of SERP is the organic results that appear solely based on the algorithm and search results. Google aims to maintain the best transparency levels and fairground for website owners. Hence, the majority area of SERP is occupied by organic results.

The core SEO strategy of any brand is directly associated with improving your website ranking and visibility on SERPs. The SEO experts make use of keyword research, content optimization as well as other ranking factors to improve your ranking. 

Organic Results

Paid Ads 

SERPs has also a section for paid ads. In this section, the paid sponsored advertisements are placed. They can be in the form of text, images, or shopping widgets. It is also a part of the SEO strategy being adopted by experts and professionals.

The paid ads as the name suggests are not organic, but there is too much competition to appear among the paid ads. Hence, to ease the process, Google has introduced a bidding system, which defines a price for each slot. Hence, along with getting your ad or website to appear among the paid ads, it is also important to work on the content and visual element of the ads so that the users can be influenced to click on it.

People Also Ask

You must have noticed that depending on your search query, you also come across a section with a few related questions. The section is titled “People Also Ask”. In this section, Google picks the most asked questions by the users and places them all together to reach your search experience. If you find a question relevant to your search query you can simply click on it and get your answer.

From the point of view of a website owner or the SEO expert, it is also a part of the snippets and is also termed as featured snippets. If you check out the answers provided beneath the questions, you will find that they are not the exact answers, but the most relevant answers available on Google. Hence, an SEO expert aims to include a more precise answer to the question in their content considering the question. Such aspects help in improved chances of content ranking on SERPs. 

People Also Ask

Knowledge Panel

An essential element of SERPs is the knowledge panel. Whenever you search for a brand or a specific topic, you must see an additional panel on the right-hand side of the SERP. The panel includes the relevant information regarding the topic in a summarised format sourced from a public domain such as “Wikipedia”. Not restricted to a single source, but it can include several other sources.

It includes a list of facts, images and other relevant details that might be beneficial for the user. 

Knowledge Panel

Local Panel

If you are searching for any product or service provider near you or have enabled your location-specific results, then you can find near you panel. It includes the names of business establishments near you or in the region, their details, maps and other relevant information. Hence, these panels represent more of the organic results and are dominated by the SEO practices of experts.

The SEO experts in Jaipur will help you better utilise the Local SEO approaches by creating a Google My Business profile as well as optimising local keywords. Such practices can actively help you to reach your customers and get multiple positions on SERPs. 

Different Types of Search Queries

The information above would have helped you understand the different elements of SERPs. But to better utilise such elements and to rank on the search engine, there is a need for you to invest in SEO practices.

While planning on such SEO practices, you must be aware of the different types of search queries being made by the users. 


An informational query is conducted when a user attempts to search just to get relevant information. Such a user doesn’t aim to make any purchase, they are either looking for basic information, instruction or a why-how query type. Hence, the SEO experts reflect that simply placing ads among such queries is not beneficial.

However, you can make better use of such queries by doing content marketing. You can partner with an experienced SEO company in Jaipur, which can help create such informational content associated with your product or service. Hence, if a user comes across your page, and gets relevant information, there are chances of retaining them and converting them as your potential audience in future. 


Such a search query occurs when a user is searching specifically for a website but is not typing the entire URL. Rather than the URL, the user just mentions the name of the website or any other specific characters. However, targeting users through such queries is quite competitive, because users are clear with their needs. Hence, there are chances that the website name they have entered in the search bar may not appear on top, but still, they will reach the platform or website they are looking for. 


This is the perfect query type targeted by performance marketers or SEO experts. Users perform the transactional query when they are looking to buy a product or service. It is where the keywords come into play, the users put the keywords in the search box to reach the product/service they are looking for.

Hence, for the transactional searches both the paid ads as well as organic results help in generating results for the brand. The SEO experts actively focus on keyword research, content optimization and link building to ensure that your brand’s website can better be positioned. Hence, such aspects help in better brand building, improved conversion rate and brand growth in the long term. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to know more about SERP and how to get a better ranking and position on SERP, you can connect with our SEO experts at VerveOnlineMarketing. We are the leading performance marketing agency in India, having a team of SEO experts who can help optimize your website and content to suit the SERP algorithms. With 12+ years of industry experience, our experts are well aware of the existing as well as shifting SEO trends and can boost your website ranking and visibility accordingly.

VerveOnlineMarketing has also been recognised as the leading SEO company in Jaipur providing proven SEO strategies to clients. We have worked with clients across the global market and from different sectors. Also, our service portfolio is not limited to SEO but also includes social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing and other digital marketing approaches.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with our professionals today.

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