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Best Google Adwords (PPC)

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Promote your business on Internet through PPC and reach your target audience, globally! Google Adword (PPC) course provides you the best solution to advertise your brand worldwide. Get the best PPC Training in Jaipur by experienced trainer.

PPC Training Course

What is Google Adword?

Get engage with online advertising program offered by Google and promote your business, brand, product or services by paid advertisement.

Google Adword helps business to widen the reach of their target customers and grab the attention of potential customers.

Determine your business need and start a campaign by setting customized budget, location language, device and much more. Google Adword is also known as PPC advertising (Pay-Per Click)

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Best Email Marketing
Google Adword work
How does Google Adword work?

To create an advertisement with Google Adword, You need to mention the keyword that people usually use while searching for the specific result. When the user enters the search query that matches your specified keyword, your advertisement will be shown up on Search Engine along with the relevant pages.

When people click on your advertisement, they will automatically be redirected towards your website. The best thing is, you will have to pay only for clicks. This means if there is no click, you don't have to pay anything. When your ad isn't displayed on search engine, you will be charged nothing. This is call Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

You can improve or alter your campaign with wide range of tools available.

How does Google Adword benefit users?

Google Adword is one of the best solution for those businesses who are looking to grow their reach and profit. Check out how:

  • Cost-effective solution: Define your budget and you will have to pay only when a user click on your link
  • Target specific audience: Choose location, demographic, interest and you will target only a specific audience
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): You will receive more by paying less. Get more business visits and more profit
  • Track campaigns: You can easily track the campaign and judge which keyword suits your campaign. Get better experience to perform great in the future
  • Increased visibility: PPC shows faster and effective results as it doesn't take much time unlike SEO
Let's check out few of the amazing facts and statistics about Google Adword
  • You will get double return for all your investments
  • The revenue generated to Google is 95% because of advertising
  • The advertising on first position gets 7% more clicks
  • 33% of clicks are received from mobile users
What does our Adword Institute has to Offer?
  • Understanding of Adwords
  • Using Adwords interface
  • Keyword research
  • Structure of advertisement campaign
  • Monitoring, tracking and analyzing success or failures of the campaign
Our trainer truly believes in making the concept clear by using real-world examples. Our Google Adwords Course isn't limited only to the above topics mentioned here.
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