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Looking for the best Facebook Marketing Training in Jaipur?

You are at the right place! Our professional Facebook Marketing training course helps you in making a strong profile of your business on Facebook to attract more and more visitors and generate more leads/sale.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a widely used social media service program. This platform was introduced in February 2004. Facebook allows the users to build their profile, add friends, begin communication, receive instant replies, automatic notification. In addition to this, the user can easily join the group of their common interest, people and community.

Let's check out few of the amazing facts and statistics about Facebook.

Facebook was started by a 19 year old man, Mark Zuckerberg, in February 2004.

The website was named after the published ‘face book’ to identify the students at Harvard University. Initially, the name of Facebook was

Anyone who is above the age of 13 years can register their profile, from 2006

During August 2012, Facebook has more than 950 million users in the world.

According to a survey, every user has average 130 friends and spend almost 20 minutes in a day on accessing Facebook

People under the age of 55 and above 17 years access Facebook multiple times in a day

Best Email Marketing
Best Email Marketing
What does our Facebook Training Classes Offers?
  • Understanding and working of social networking
  • Building quality profile
  • Searching friends and adding them to the profile
  • Managing requests effectively
  • Organizing friend list
  • Difference between Subscribing & making friends
  • Unfriending and blocking friends
  • Linking
  • Question & Answer
  • Status update
  • Notes writings
  • Sharing videos and links
  • Privacy setting on video and photos
  • Tag a friend
  • Tagging control features
  • Privacy for messages
  • Controlling who can see you
  • Chatting
  • Searching content
  • Edit public search listing
  • Creating group
  • Installing various applications
  • Using or uninstalling apps
  • Viewing application setting
  • Protecting privacy
  • Tagging options
  • Understanding new devices logged in your account
  • Blocking people/applications
  • Deactivate your account
  • Delete your account
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