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Looking for the best
Email Marketing course in Jaipur?

best Email Marketing course

Email is considered as one of the most powerful weapon in the world of marketing. It includes many abilities that many other social media platform does not have, such as developing personal yet valuable relations during sales.

For online businesses, email if the best marketing tool and Verve Online Marketing in-depth training helps you in learning the most effective techniques of marketing.

What Email Marketing actually is?

Joining Email marketing classes is the most effective technique that involves sending emails to target audience to establish the marketing communication.

Logically, every email that has been sent to the customers or target audience falls under the category of Email Marketing. The aim of sending emails to the potential customer depends upon the objective that a business is striving to achieve.

Whether you want to offer a discount, promote your products or service or want to inform anything to the customer, Email Marketing always serve as the best option for that.

Best Email Marketing
Best Email Marketing

What are the benefits of implementing Email
Marketing techniques?

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

According to a survey, Email Marketing deliver 44% more return than any other technique. If implemented correctly, Email Marketing is the best option to achieve higher result.

Helps in Targeting Audience Directly

Email Marketing helps in targeting the audience directly, as the email has been received directly on their ID, helps you in reaching them easily

Enhance brand awareness

Email Marketing allows you to share your deals and offers directly to the user and thus, increases the brand awareness among them.

Measure results easily

Email Marketing gives the marketer a precise and real value. Various tools makes it easier to measure the result with greater ease.

Promotes Customer Loyalty

when done in the correct way and does not trouble customer or potential customer, Email Marketing could help in promoting loyalty among customers.

Let's check out few of the amazing facts and statistics about Email Marketing.

Consumers are more likely to spend 138% more than those who didn't receive the mail.
Email Marketing acquire new customers 40% faster than any other medium.
Many people unsubscribe from receiving too many emails.
Subject line leave way better impression and almost 33% people open email only after reading subject line Those Email which includes social sharing buttons have 159% more click through rates

What does our Email Marketing Training Institute Offers to our trainees?

  • Understanding of Email Marketing
  • Best practices & spamming of Email Marketing
  • Tools of Email Marketing
  • Choosing the best service provider
  • Setting objectives for Email Marketing
  • Planning Email Marketing programs
  • Email copywriting
  • Boosting CTR
  • Email result tracking

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