8 Best Types of Ad Formats You Must Know About

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Ad Formats

If you are surprised by reading the headline, then do not be because it is correct. You may or may not notice different types of digital advertising formats online. But it is very accurate that companies are using different types of ad formats for different performance marketing strategies.

If we consider from the start till now the formats, platforms, and styles have been introduced to digital advertising. Even if you pay attention to these different ad formats on a daily basis still you cannot differentiate at first. Still, today we are here to understand different types of ad formats used and their significance. With the help of a professional performance marketing agency, it becomes even more easier and reliable.

But first, let us discuss what is digital Advertising. Here you go.

What is Digital Advertising?

The biggest difference between offline advertising and digital advertising is the ability to create a large segment of the audience. Through offline marketing, the limitation of reaching out to people is very much. On the other end, digital advertising can reach your target audience as you set your parameter very impactfully.

Some examples of digital advertising are social media ads, banners on pages/applications, google ads on websites, and many more. These are types of digital advertising a user encounter daily. These examples also include YouTube ads and ads in the middle of your favorite podcast.

Types of Ad Formats

Although many types of ad formats exist still we are categorizing them into eight types mainly.

Native Advertising

It is a non-intrusive ad format that follows a natural editorial style of advertising. In this advertising, the ads effortlessly blend into the website and seem like organic content. However, they should give a hint to be an advertisement. Native advertising is the best form of showcasing creativity in your business and it adds value to the target audience. The amount of trust and engagement it builds, it squirt surprising. You can also call it ‘anti-ad’ marketing because the approach is 100% organic.

The aim of the native ad format is not to limit your audience to your product or service-based content. Instead of this, providing them with the content they actually want to engage with is a better approach according to the current market.

Social Ads

The second type of ad format we have on the list is social media ads. They are the most engaging and impactful type of digital advertising because they allow a billion people to reach out to your business. One more perk of using social media ads is that they have different platforms which can be used based on your business needs and you can take advantage of different features of each platform. It is not necessary to use only one platform you can use more than one at a time.

We have some features and examples of social ad formats listed below-

  • Facebook/Meta Ads

Facebook ad tool is a very powerful tool that allows a lot of modifications and possibilities are endless with its power editor. The simple way to utilize fully this tool is only when you know what you need from your campaign. Whether you need to increase the audience of your publications, achieve conversions of the website, or improve branding. It is up to you. You just need to select the right type of ad to fit your needs.

  • Instagram Ads

The most promising social media platform is Instagram because it has an audience of every age group, profession, and mindset. So, if you approach through this, you are approaching a billion people. Also, it keeps innovating with its features, like it enhances the strength of its sponsored ads and introducing reels to strengthen influencer marketing and whatnot.

  • Twitter Ads

Twitter has introduced the conversion rate boost feature and many features can surprise you with their performance. The conversion life tool helps your campaign to test its success based on many variables. This eventually, helps you focus on budget and techniques for the best results.

  • TikTok Ads

TikTok is a platform GenZs and a younger audience than that. If you are targeting them then do not miss out on TikTok because the audience at TikTok is very much into influencer marketing and also takes an interest in the suggestions or sponsored content.

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Display Advertising

Display ad formats are simply any kind of advertising element that can be put online. This includes even a small pop-up and interstitials. The ad blockers affected the format of these ads still the potential is real with the remarketing option especially. The hack is to bypass the ad blockers and make ads that are worth seeing by the audience.


This ad format is one step ahead of the display ad format because it analyzes data intelligently in order to show personalized ads to users. The method of collecting data is from the cookies, also the data from different platforms. For example, if you put something into a cart but did not buy then remarketing campaign shows ads of this particular product for you on social media platforms and search engines. This personalization of ads saves a lot of time and increases the chances of a successful campaign by timely and accurate ad display.

Mobile Ads

This is the era of smartphones so you got to put mobile phones first before anything else. The basic thing is this if your web page does not have a mobile then Google will not put up in indexing. This clearly shows how important, the mobile view is. According to research, it is clear that most people spend their time surfing on one device only and that is the mobile phone. So, you need to make all your ads mobile friendly too.

Email Marketing

The key to email marketing is to have a precise or segmented database. Although you can easily get segmented databases for your respective campaign. Still, to make sure you live an impactful email marketing you must focus on segmented databases. Try to understand that if you reach an inbox at the right time and with full impact. The target should be getting interested leads and then dividing and further subdividing them into specialized groups until you get connected.


In this ad format, the focus is to create impactful and interactive content that can relate to visitors. These ads are generally displayed on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. In the written ads format this ad format is one of the widespread types of ads. If we take an example of SEM then a user searching for ‘best ethnic wear in Jaipur’ can be a catchphrase for you to target.

One more feature of the SEM ad format is that it gives you the right to show your ad to a limited and specified audience. For example, if you want to show your product to users who have searched or visited the specific page in the last month then it is possible. This is a great opportunity to enhance conversion rates through quality leads.

Online Video

Last but not least on the list is online video. Video marketing has a better approach and CTRs than traditional digital advertising. Also, thanks, to the internet and connectivity, now ads are not limited to web pages only. The mobile view is spreading so as is the amount of video content. There are some limitations to video ads like ad blockers and rejection of users of pre-roll formats. Still, a very efficient and impactful medium through YouTubers and their account promotions.


At last, we can say that all different types of ad formats are very useful based on your business needs. It is suggested as a new business to understand your requirements from the ads campaigns first then, proceed. 

A professional performance marketing company like Verve Online Marketing can help you find better solutions. Also, they have experience in the market to bring to the table. This will help you understand the changes your business might face during campaigning and how to overcome them. For more information, please visit the website today.

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