Effective Practices that can help to optimize your remarketing campaigns

Effective Practices that can help to optimize your remarketing campaigns

You might be aware of the existence and use of remarketing strategies by performance marketers. But do you what it is? And how it can be optimized? Don’t worry we are here to provide you with the information you have been searching all over the internet.

As of Google statistics, the initial click-through rate for the majority of campaigns is even below 2%. Hence, being a brand you are losing about 98% of your customers, despite an active marketing campaign. So it is important for a performance marketer to plan strategies to retarget such lost potential customers. Hence, a solution to such an issue is remarketing. With the help of a remarketing campaign, you can bring back about 70% of your potential users to your landing page.

However, to ensure the achievement of defined results it is important to optimize your remarketing campaigns. You can get an optimized retargeting campaign by partnering with a leading performance marketing company. Also, you can consider key points to ensure a better optimization of your remarketing strategy. 

Tips to optimize your Remarketing Campaigns

  • Developing separate campaigns for new audiences and revisiting audience

    The most common approach recommended by experienced performance marketing agencies is developing multiple ads. Such multiple ads are to be used differently for both the new audience as well as the retargeted audience. For instance; if you are displaying the same banner/ad to a user, again and again, it would result in irritating the customer. As a result of such behavioral change, you may lose your potential customer forever. Hence, it is important to develop separate campaigns. The brands promote their product in the initial phase and for retargeting they focus on promoting discounts on the product.

  • Frequency Capping

    An effective approach to be focused upon to optimize your remarketing approach is frequency capping. It is important to have control over the frequency of ad viewability for a user. Such can benefit in retaining the user interest in ad campaigns and saving on marketing costs. In the process, it is important to identify an optimal frequency capping limit that is required for your brand. Performance marketers define that there exists no specific frequency capping option to be adopted by brands. Hence, you should focus on evaluating your user interests and accordingly, the capping is to be decided.

  • Have a check on the viewability rate

    Along with such practices, it is important to focus on evaluating the ad’s viewability rate. The viewability rate reflects upon the number of times a viewer has been able to see your ad. It helps to define the effectiveness of your ad positioning on a webpage. Hence, based on such you can make decisions as to whether adopt a remarketing strategy or to optimize your existing strategic approaches. There exist multiple factors that influence the viewability of your advertisement. Such may include, high loading time or it has been placed at the end of a website, where a potential user reaches occasionally.

  • Check for your user preferences

    To ensure a better optimization of your remarketing strategy you must consider or evaluate your user preferences. For instance, showing ads for a baby product again and again to unmarried can not be an optimal choice, and would not help in converting to a customer. Hence, you must be well aware of your user choices while planning for remarketing approaches. Also, you can prefer site-based retargeting strategies, which can allow you to segment site categories where your ad would appear.

  • Be creative

    The most important element to be focused upon in planning for remarketing strategy is creativity. As it is expected that there is a need for remarketing because the initially developed campaign was not able to convert the user. Hence, the remarketing campaign developed should be creative enough to attract the potential user. Along with such, you can include elements such as CTA (Buy Now, Subscribe, Purchase, or Wishlist). Such elements help to trigger the buying instinct of the user and help in improving the conversion rate.

Additional Tips to be Focused on

  • In your marketing process, you must focus on retaining your brand relations with the buyer. For instance, a user must not be targeted if he/she has already purchased your product. Based on the purchase history you should ensure to exclude the user from the list of advertisements. 
  • An experienced performance marketing agency prefers pixel-based retargeting. It ensures adopting a personalized marketing approach and targeting specific consumer groups. 
  • Retargeting does not have a set formula that can be used in every case. It is important to conduct experiments to identify the most suitable approach for a brand. Hence, it is important to check and evaluate different marketing approaches and practices that can help in improving conversion rates.
  • Along with remarketing practices, it is also important to consider improvements in related aspects. For instance; your website URL can be too laggy or take time to load. Hence, such should also be improved to ensure a better conversion rate. 

Final Words

Retargeting is an effective approach that should be adopted to ensure better brand engagement and promotion. However, in the process, you need to focus on multiple aspects including the campaign’s creativity and better user experience. To avoid such hassle and to ensure an effective retargeting strategy, you can partner with our professionals at Verve Online Marketing. We are a leading performance marketing services provider providing a range of digital and online marketing solutions. Our solutions can help your brand to record improved client conversion from the initial day.

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