103 Social Media Post Content Ideas to Increase Engagement

103 Social Media Post Content Ideas to Increase Engagement

Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to attract a loyal audience. As of July 2021, there were about 34.48 billion social media users around the world. There is a large audience on these sites that are waiting for your products and services.

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By bringing fresh content to your social media sites, you will be able to attract a lot of potential customers. Although, posting new content every day can be a little tiresome. So we have for you a list of 103 social media post content ideas that have the power to increase your engagement.

Social Media Content Ideas

Here are some of the social media content ideas that can help you keep up the engagement.

1. Share your achievements

Sharing your achievements will make your existing customers retained and will increase social media engagement. Potential users would want to try out your products/services when you share your achievements.

2. Ask The User

Asking your followers what kind of content they expect is one of the best ways to keep them updated. Do not use this technique as the last option when you are out of ideas. Doing so at the very start will help you meet the expectations of your users.

3. Take Opinions From Users About Something

Do you have a new product or service launch ahead? Make sure you reach out to the users through your social media accounts. This will help you gain their trust and also make them feel like a part of their company.


This is one of the best social media content ideas that usually work with all types of social media accounts. Inspiring quotes can be integrated with the product and service you wish to feature. A little motivation works for all.

5. Ask a question

Asking your users a question is one of the best ways of attracting user attention. This social media content idea must be kept as simple as possible and related to the niche you belong to.

6. Fill in the blank

This is just like a question; rather, the users will have to complete a story or a sentence. This social media content idea excites users hence better engagement can be seen. For example, I have/want to have a mobile app to ________.

7. Company blog posts

Keeping your users updated with the blog you are writing is one of the social media post ideas that you always will have. This way you can also redirect your followers to your website.

8. Polls

If you want your users to interact with you, do post polls on your social media accounts. You will be able to boost engagement and also let users know they are important.

9. Posts/photos of your company

You can let your users know more about your company by posting photos of company events, culture, and special things you are doing.

10. Re-share

Resharing the content that someone else has written and that you find useful can also increase your social media engagement.

11. Re-post an old post

If you are out of ideas you can reshare your old post that you still find relevant.

12. Pair “serious” topics and casual content

Some niches are not able to share engaging content as their niche doesn’t allow it. But in that too, you can share some casual things with serious topics.

13. Personalized content

Offering something to your loyal customer and publishing it online can be one of the ways to improve social media engagement. This way you will be able to attract more people.

14. Guest posts

Do you have any posts that you write on some other websites? Do share them on your social media too. This social media engagement strategy works at best.

15. Share a photo

You can share a picture with your followers and ask them to caption it.

16. Customer reviews

Putting customer reviews online can be one of the best social media content ideas. This way you will be able to represent your company’s values online.

17. Infographics

Sharing infographics related to your brand has also worked as a good social media content strategy for many.

18. Theme/Series of posts

A series of posts keep people engaged and waiting for what is next to come up.

19. Tips and Advice

You can share some of the tips that are related to our industry. This can become good engaging content for social media.

20. Post a challenge

People on social media websites love to take challenges. You might go viral with one interesting challenge you post. This social media content post idea can turn around the game for you.

21. Memes

Sharing posts and memes on your social media sites always work. This engages your audience and helps you share a laugh with your audience.

22. Photos that are irrelevant to your business

Post something that is irrelevant to your business yet something people can relate to.

23. Share your brand stories

Connecting with your social media followers can become easy as you share the story of your company.

24. Run contests

Contests are one of the social media content ideas that can drive new followers to your social media page.

25. Ask for suggestions to improve

You can ask your followers to suggest improvements to your products and services or the type of content you post. This can help you increase your social media engagement.

26. Share an offer

Sharing an offer can help you spread the word about your social media sites and brand. People will look forward to availing of the offer and also sharing it with their friends and family.

27. Holiday posts

Show your audience your excitement about the upcoming holiday/festival. This social media content idea helps people understand more about your business.

28. Ask your customers to share photos with your products

This is a social media post idea that can help you share customer feedback with a photo on your social media accounts.

29. Post Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This way you will be able to increase your engagement on social media and also answer what people are curious to know.

30. Share a third-party resource

Sharing a third-party resource of the products and services you like can increase the credibility of your brand.

31. Custom artwork

Artwork that is related to your niche can be shared with the audience. This social media post strategy works the best.

32. Conversations with influencers

One of the best ways to attract new people is to converse with influencers and post them as podcasts or screenshots.

33. Behind the scene posts

Telling your followers what happens in your company can help them connect more with you. This social media content idea is one of the best ways to increase the credibility of your organization. You can share in a video format or as a picture.

34. Case studies

Posting case studies is yet another way of increasing the engagement of your social media accounts.

35. Share cute things

People stop scrolling and pause to view cute things. If you want people to focus on what you are posting, try posting some cute things.

36. Freebies

Giving freebies is an unmatched way of attracting new followers. You will be able to gain a lot of followers on your site with this technique.

37. Re-share fan photos

You can share photos of your fans/clients which they posted on their social media accounts.

38. Product photos

Photos of your products and services can attract potential customers and social media users. You can post them on photo-centric websites like Instagram and Pinterest.

39. Create a product illustration

Sharing what you have created with the world can help you explore a completely new dimension.

40. Start your podcast

Topics related to your niche can be shared with your audience with podcasts. Podcasts engage your audience well.

41. Share a book recommendation

There are always some people that like to read books on your followers’ list. So share the books that are related to your company with people.

42. Weekly posts

You can assign one day of the week on which you can share a specific tip. This will keep your followers awaited.

43. Post a job

If you have a job opening do post it on social media sites too. People will know you are expanding and you might get some amazing candidates.

44. Write about your favorite products

As a company, you can also post your favorite products or services. This can help your customers to make a decision for themselves.

45. Funny posts

People love to watch funny things. Creating amazing social media engagement can be enabled by some funny posts on your social media sites.

46. An explainer image

Explaining the process of your product or service delivery can attract a new set of clients. This social media content idea can work towards credibility building.

47. Introduce new team members

If you have any additions to your team, you can also post them on your social media. This allows people to connect better with your company. This also makes your team members feel valued.

48. Re-share your most popular blog posts

You can also re-share the old blog posts that you feel were good. Blogs that are having high engagement can be shared to increase social media engagement.

49. Fan of the week

You can reward your fans based on their activity on your social media account. This way you will be able to attract a lot of engagement on your social media sites.

50. Explore Pinterest

People usually prefer Pinterest to explore new ideas. You will be able to share amazing ideas with your fans here.

51. “This Day in History”

You can share some of the relevant information with your followers which happened on the day of posting the content.

52. Ask for random advice

Create a hypothetical situation and ask for advice from your users. This can interest your customers and hence drive more traffic to your social media.

53. Ask about the mood of the followers

Being concerned about the followers can make them feel good. If you ask them about their mood they would be happy to share.

54. Live videos

Having a face-to-face conversation with your followers is yet another one of the best social media content ideas where people can connect with you.

55. Do you remember

Sharing photos of your website and/or products can help them keep them reminded of you as a brand.

56. Industry Statistics

You can share any data, stats, or updates that you find interesting on your social media profile to make your account engaging.

57. Fun facts

Keeping your followers up-to-date with the latest facts can be one of the ways to keep engagement high. People love to read random facts and react to them.

58. Sign-up links or forms

Do you have an event coming up? Do ask for form filling and sign-up links to be filled by your followers if they are interested. They may also suggest other people join.

59. Share popular topics from Reddit

To find what’s trending try searching on Reddit. On Reddit, you will almost always be able to find what is trending as per your niche.

60. Post an image

Sharing any random picture with your users with the logo of your company can help you increase social media engagement too.

61. Share a series of images

Have you recently had a party in the office? Share the images with your followers in a series. This social media post content idea will help you connect with your audience personally.

62. Image puzzles

You can post a scrambled image for your audience to guess what it is. This definitely will increase social media engagement.

63. Video reviews

Videos you have received from your clients as feedback on your products and services can be shared online. This will help you come out as a genuine brand.

64. Show your brand doing good

Share photos of social work done by your company. This social media post can make a change in the views of people and how they look at your company.

65. Motivational quotes

Sharing motivational quotes can be one of the best ways to attract the attention of the audience.

66. Organise a photo contest

To create engagement with your social media accounts, you can organize a photo contest. This way you will be able to gain some followers as well.

67. Big holiday offers

Is there a big holiday coming? Give something to your genuine followers. This can keep your followers retained and help you gain some new ones.

68. Success stories

Whatever happens in your company, let your followers know about it. They will be able to catch up with your success too and celebrate with you.


69. Hold a debate

If you can, hold a debate. A debate can help your audience to present their views and interact with you.

70. Show the people behind your brand

Show who all work for your company. Showing the faces of people that work with you, can help you gain credibility for your brand.

71. Host a live discussion round on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best places to connect with people. Here you can chat with people and add value.

72. YouTube videos

This social media content strategy can help you gain the attention of people. You can share your YouTube video on your social media sites.

73. Make use of trends

Making use of the trends can help you gain a lot of followers. You can also make a trend of your own just like Verve Online Marketing did.

[URL: https://www.facebook.com/vervelogic/posts/4656379481079533]

74. How-to tutorials

You can post how-to tutorials that are related to your niche. This increases social media engagement and attracts new people. For example: How to Write an Effective Mobile App Product Requirements Document

75. Industry news

If there is something newly launched, do post them on your social media accounts.

76. Use your hashtags

Hashtags can attract many people. This social media content strategy can help you gain followers.

77. Question and Answer Sessions

People always have a lot of queries independent of the niche. Having a question-and-answer session can help you increase your social media engagement.

78. Share region-specific posts

You can share posts that are specific to your region. Like any festival or any other occasion.

79. Invite fans to join a company event

If you have a company event that everybody can join, do reach out to your followers to attend that.

80. Share music

Share songs with your followers. This way you will be able to grab their attention at best.

81. Ask for predictions

Ask them to predict what is going to happen. You can ask generic questions like, “Who will win Man of The Match”. Or, niche-specific questions like, “What do you think would be the features of iOS 15?”

82. Like-if

This social media content strategy can improve your likes. You say, “Like the post if…”

83. Create a show or series

Creating a weekly or daily series can keep your audience waiting for more.

84. Ask for questions

Reach out to your audience. You can show your care with this social media content idea. Ask your audience if they have any questions related to your brand, product, or service.

85. Share-if

You can ask your followers to share your post if… For example, “Share our post if you own a mobile app.”

86. Post maintenance notices

Are there any products or services you are providing that need to be shut off for a while? Do let your followers know that.

87. Old content in a new version

You can repost your valuable old content by refurbishing it and adding all the new information you have.

88. Product videos

Making a video of your product and publishing it online will help you not only gain attention but also new customers.

89. Post about little-known holidays

This social media content strategy works almost all the time to attract a new set of followers by posting interesting little-known facts.

90. Conduct a survey

Do you have any product or service that you need to be reviewed? Conduct a survey on your social media sites.

91. Ask a ‘truth or myth’ question

You can share some of the posts related to your niche and ask your users whether it is a truth or myth.

92. Share live updates of an event

Do you have any events? Keep your followers updated with all the live information.

93. Share other profiles

You can share profiles of prominent people, and your partners on your social media sites as well.

94. Organize an instant sale or giveaway

Limited-time sales and giveaways compel people to share your post with other people increasing your engagement on social media sites.

95. Seasonal posts

Is there any festival coming or an important day for your niche? So post them on your social media sites.

96. Industry research

Is there any recent research or statistics that relate to your company? You can use this as your social media content idea. For example, 100 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Statistics, Facts- We Must Know About

97. Post affiliates

Share some of the products and services that are related to your niche.

98. Remember when

You can go down memory lane by sharing old pictures/stories with your followers.

99. Thank your fans

This social media content idea will not only help you retain your loyal followers but also make other followers sincere towards you.

100. Photo of the day

This social media content strategy is among the best to connect with people. Sharing a unique picture with your followers would be loved and appreciated.

101. Give a sneak peek

If you have an upcoming product or service launch due, giving them a sneak peek can excite your followers.

102. Original content related to the Business

You can share the products you have created and the content you own. This will make your company feel legitimate and worth availing of services with.

103. Hold Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions are loved by the users. They always look forward to connecting with you over live videos, question-answer sessions, and more.

Social Media Post Content Ideas to Increase Engagement: Conclusion

Here are some of the social media post content ideas to increase engagement on your social media sites. This can help you gain some ideas when you are out. Do let us know which idea you liked the most. Also, comment below any more ideas that you have that can help people increase social media engagement.

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