7 Steps/Days Quick Start SEO Guide And Cheat Sheet

7 Steps/Days Quick Start SEO Guide And Cheat Sheet

Firstly, clarifying this thing is essential that SEO implementation is not the job of one day. Although it depends on different tactics used for SEO how much time will the result take? Still, for getting instant impact this quick-start SEO guide can be helpful. This is because no one is starting SEO for learning purposes. The purpose is almost the same for every entity and that is results. Most people have this query that learning SEO for a beginner’s guide can be a good idea but what to do now? So, the answer to that question is learning from this 7-day quick-start guide that can help you implement and monitor your SEO for 7 days for the best possible outcome. So let us find out what are these steps.

Overview of Quick Start SEO Guide

Day 1: SEO Data Collection

The first step of a quick start SEO guide of heaving appropriate data for SEO. So registering on a search engine and getting all the required data should be the approach. This is because accurate data is the key to accurate results. So, knowing what is trending on search engines and working accordingly always will work for you. 

Day 2: Site Indexing

On day 2 you should do a quick check on your site. You got to know that your site is ready to appear on search engines. If your site stops itself to appear then must fix the problem and then proceed.  

Day 3: Targeting Keywords

On day 3, you must target some specific keywords and see how the magic happening in front of your eyes. SEO provides the exact content that is demanded by users this is why you need to make sure that your content is matching with what users are searching for. Do you know there are some KPIs that should not be avoided in SEO? Know here.

Day 4: Search Optimization

First, you should know that making your site rank on google is a different thing than getting actual visitors for the site. This is where search optimization comes into the picture. According to the quick start SEO guide, you should search the site on the search engine and how is it looking online so that you can understand whether your site is approachable for users. Users should be attracted to the site and also stay on the site for conversion. Increasing the conversion rate is the ultimate goal of search optimization. 

Day 5: Content is King

As it is known to all the best way of being stable on the search engine is quality content. This is because with the help of tactics you can rank your website but if your content is not effective enough then you can not sustain that rank for a long while. For that, you need to create the content like a boss. The use of more images, easy language, and capturing more keywords make the base for SEO. Great results need to have good on-page SEO and without content, it is not possible. So, go for the basics of creating SEO-friendly content.

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Day 6: Site Architecture and Linking

A site needs to have a structure that can be navigated easily. This means either search engines or users should be able to find what they are looking for. If the navigation will be complex then users will not stay at your site even if they click on the link. Also, the search engine will not be able to match the user search with your site data that efficiently. 

Day 7: Popularity through Link Building

Although link building can not be done in one day still you can at least start promoting your site. It can be difficult and tricky but knowing where the real potential of your site is important. According to the quick start SEO guide, initially, you should focus on link-building with appropriate data.

You can take reference of using quick start SEO guide and cheat sheet for business from the above image.

Summing Up

So, as mentioned above organic SEO takes time to take off and give unbeatable results but for quick results and at least for starting getting results this quick start SEO guide is apt. You can easily download SEO quick start cheat sheet for free and start optimizing your business. This guide can help overcome your initial challenges of SEO implementation and also helps you understand how much time you need to give a site as an SEO executive. But if you want to have expertise in the field then it is suggested that you should go with a reliable online marketing partner. Verve Online Marketing can help you to handle your On page SEO and also social media as well with a team of experts.

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