What Can Happen If You Stop Doing SEO?

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We all know the importance of doing SEO but never does we give attention to what happen if we stop doing SEO all of a sudden?

The success of SEO campaign depends on achieving the top of organic page ranking. Seldom the marketers tend to enquire the tenure for reaching the top of traffic and after reaching the position, if it is important to continue.

The biggest mistake that hampers a business despite making all the efforts as per the consultants from Digital marketing company is assuming that the site is fully optimized and they need no more tweaks. They can enjoy their ranking from there on without any effort.

This thinking is all about making your business to go down.

If you stop your SEO, you will face:

  • Slip in ranking and traffic

When you stop SEO, your ranking or traffic does not go down right away. The process is much more complicated. In first few month, you may not notice any change in ranking, hence, the traffic does not deviate much but the pattern is very short lived.

This process of going down is same for every kind of business. It depends upon the approach the business used for SEO. A service based on local SEO, such brand may see a continues steady traffic for a long time due to their name recognition and the continues need of their service. Generally a retail brand and non locally based business can expect a very steep fall.

Why does traffic falls after stopping SEO?

SEO consultant from best SEO company in India suggest that the traffic falls after stopping SEO is because the business does not rank on the same position as it was earlier on SERPs.

The sites which rank high on the SERPs receives the highest amount of search visibility. This the reason that these sites enjoy highest amount of click through rate. There are many tools which are available to visualize the importance of maintaining the top organic ranking. For some people the difference of outcome from the position of 1 to 3 may look trivial but in practice, this may have very serious impact.

Why do ranking decline after stopping SEO?

  • Absence of fresh and relevant content

Search engines always value content which are most relevant, fresh and unique. The sites which update their content with fresh and valuable content tend to enjoy more organic ranking. The basic idea is as soon as new content is updated, Google bots will return to site for indexing and your site appear in SERPs.

  • The competition is not decreasing

SEO is a destination which give you a healthy potential to beat the competition. The most successful SEO campaigns are derived from learning from the competitors. If you are at the top at SERPs then you may have been followed by your competitors. When you stop of SEO service, competitors get the privilege to surpass your efforts and overtake your position.

  • It becomes easy to revert back to bad habits

There are times when the web designer and SEO expert view gets clash. For example, according to web designer Javascript is important but for SEO expert, it kills the ranking. It is good to listen to SEO specialist to skip any kind of common mistake.

SEO is a regular practice, any skip can ruin your efforts completely. Do you know what to be done now?

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