Tips to make better use of Instagram marketing for your business growth

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Instagram marketing for your business growth

Social Media is an effective platform that you can use to target your users. With over 4.89 total active users, social media provides access to about 60% of the global population. Among such about 70% of the users are daily active on any one of the social media platforms. The different social media platforms include Facebook, Linked, Instagram, as well as Twitter.

Among the different platforms, Instagram is a leading social media platform with more than 1.2 billion users. In 2023, Instagram had more than 700 million active users on its platform. Hence, in modern social space, Instagram can be identified to play an important role in achieving your performance marketing goals. 

Benefits of marketing on social media 

  • Improved brand awareness

    Advertising over social media can help your brand to aware consumers of your brand and product offerings. Having a brand presence on social media helps the brand to interact with its customers. Also, it helps to check for the latest trends as well as the consumer preferences emerging in the market. Such can be utilized to enhance your product/service quality offered.

  • Better engagement rate

    Posting campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram can help in better engagement. The actions of users in terms of “Likes, Share, Comment, and Save” helps to determine the user orientation of the content. Such helps to follow a chain of engagement, with one user sharing the information with others over Instagram. To ensure a better engagement you can partner with a leading performance marketing company.

  • Generate Leads

    Effective social media campaigns along with improved engagement, also contribute towards generating leads. As user interaction over social media helps the brand to persuade or influence them to buy the product. Such sale is converted through the links on the post, that redirect the user to the product.

  • Improve social media positioning

    Promoting your brand over social media can help you to understand the needs and preferences in the changing social scenario. Based on such, you can introduce uniqueness to your product as well as to your brand presentation over social media. An experienced performance marketing agency can help you develop creative and engaging campaigns that can help in your overall brand growth.

    Based on the above-defined benefits it can be reflected that promoting through Instagram can have a long-term impact on the brand. However, there is a need to consider key factors that can help in the development of an effective campaign.

Tips to Create an effective campaign on Instagram

The important points or tips to be considered as mentioned by experienced performance marketers includes:

  • Ensure concise information

    Developing a campaign for social media or Instagram is about concisely presenting your information. You can either post a story or can add a reel on Instagram. Hence, the major focus of the campaign should be on the current aim or the goal. For instance; if your post is to inform users about a new launch, then your post should have a major emphasis on new product features. You can connect with a professional performance marketing company to ensure the development of such engaging posts.

  • Constantly learn about your user

    Instagram is a social media platform on which trends get updated regularly. With such changing trends, customer interests also change. Hence it is important to be well aware of the trends existing on Instagram. Such can help you to create unique and creative posts or campaigns.

    Also, it is important to have a check on your audience base. As per statistics, users between 13-34 years account for about 85% of the total active users on Instagram. Hence, considering the demographic factors your content should be optimized.

  • Use every Instagram marketing tool

    To excel in social media marketing through Instagram, you must use every tool provided by Instagram. But such tools are to be used creatively. It includes posting stories, content, videos as well as reels on Instagram. It is important to use such tools to ensure better consumer engagement. Excessive or unplanned use of such tools can lead to increased user attrition on your social media page. Hence, you should prefer consulting with a skilled performance marketer to get better results.

  • Share valuable information

    An important area to be focused on while planning Instagram marketing is the effectiveness of your content. You should not only focus on product promotion and features. But along with such, your social media presence should also be able to educate your users. For instance; if you are selling cosmetics, then along with your product posts, you should educate users about skin types and product suitability. Such helps to ensure better user engagement and attract new users.

  • Make use of metrics

    Metrics are an important focus area being focused upon in the social media marketing process. Such metrics include the number of impressions on posts in terms of likes, comments, and shares. A Performance Marketing Company evaluates such metrics to understand the campaign performance. Based on such further changes can be introduced in the process. 


It can be concluded that developing marketing campaigns for Instagram can enhance your brand’s digital presence and positioning. For your digital marketing/campaigning needs, Verve Online Marketing is a one-stop solution. You can get in touch with our professionals to get an effective Instagram marketing campaign for your brand. We have partnered with more than 500 brands across the globe and have delivered satisfactory results.

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