SEO and SMO: Influential approaches for your brand’s organic marketing

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Facing a decline in product sales? Low customer retention? Or Low Repeat Rate? You must consider consulting with the best SEO company in Jaipur. There are chances that your business’s marketing strategies might need revamping. Such can be done by altering existing procedures or introducing advanced measures.

Hence partnering with experts can help you to identify such gaps/challenges and to improve marketing positioning. In the digital marketplace, the brand needs to have a digital positioning. Such can ensure your brand’s enhanced reach and influence the targeted audience. However, while planning such strategies, a significant focus must be generating organic traffic in the long run. 

What do you mean by organic traffic? 

Organic traffic includes the audience directly visiting your website either through direct search or through related search results. They are the best source that can contribute to your brand growth in the long run and have control over your ROAS.

There doesn’t exist a well-proven formula to achieve organic traffic. However, partnering with a leading Social Media Marketing Company in India can help you with customized strategies for improving your brand’s organic traffic. In a digital scenario, your brand must have a better search engine ranking and social media visibility.

Benefits of Organic Traffic

  • Cost-Effective: 

Organic Traffic is the result of long-term and effective promotional campaigns and customer loyalty. Hence, it includes the audience directly reaching your website without being redirected from any paid ad source. Hence, organic traffic is effective and further contributes towards improved search rankings.

  • Improves Brand Credibility: 

Higher organic traffic statistics are proof of your brand’s authenticity and credibility in the marketplace. Such further helps to ensure word-of-mouth marketing and attract new audiences.

  • Generates Quality Leads: 

The organic traffic is self-generated and is not pushed/attracted through any advertisement. Hence, they can easily be converted by providing quality and affordable products/services.

  • Provides a Competitive Edge: 

Organic traffic over time positions you as a preferred brand in the marketplace delivering a competitive edge. 

Role of SEO and SMO in improving organic traffic

You must be aware of the capabilities of SEO and SMO for business growth. As the name suggests, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes strategies effective for your improved search engine rankings. On the other hand, SMO (Social Media Optimization) works on enhancing your social media presence.

SEO ensures incorporating the product/service-related keywords with your brand and content. It intends to attract users to the webpage when looking for a related product. However, aligning such SEO strategies with SMO can help to create an advanced impact. 

How SEO can help in improved organic search results/traffic

SEO involves posting articles/blogs or any other form of content on your website or third-party websites allowing guest posts. Such helps in improving your positioning on Google search results. But along with such postings, an expert from the best SEO Company in Jaipur would also follow certain critical aspects. Such include:

  • Conducting timely SEO Audit:

It is essential to ensure a better flow of organic traffic. Such an audit can help you to understand your SEO strategies’ impact on your targeted audience base. Additionally, it is crucial to audit your competitors’ websites for SEO. It can help you identify emerging industry trends and improvement areas.

  • Make required changes to existing blog content:

Based on the conducted audit, both high- and low-performing content must be recognized. Based on such changes need to be introduced. The high-performing content must be kept updated by integrating relevant data and information. On the other hand, poor-performing content can either be eliminated or revamped. Hence, such can ensure better audience engagement.

  • Have a focus on customer interest areas:

The content developed must aim toward customer/user interest areas. It means that shared content would be related to the customer’s most searched information. Such can significantly drive organic traffic to your website. Such can be done through partnering with the best SEO Company in Jaipur.

  • Revamping the list of keywords and creative content generation

As industry trends change, it is crucial to make changes to the targeted keywords list. Such can ensure that your content is visible to the potential audience base. An SEO expert focuses on the correct choice of words and content type to engage audiences. Further such can be integrated with images and graphics to attract audience attention. 

How SMO can help in improved organic search results/traffic

If you are working with the best Social Media Marketing Company in India, they recommend having a balanced focus on SEO and SMO strategies. SEO influences your organic search results, while SMO helps to raise brand awareness.

  • SMO involves utilizing graphics and images to communicate with the audience. Also, it can be aligned with SEO strategies to create a more engaging experience for the users. 
  • Backlinks can be attached to social media posts leading to informative content pieces. It can be aimed towards promoting user-oriented information rather than the product. Such strategies/practices help to establish long-term relations with the audience base. 
  • SMOs are not expected to have a direct impact on the search engine rankings of a brand. But they help to improve your brand’s visibility. If you search for a renowned brand on Google, you can find both the brand’s website and its social media handle in the top 10 links. 
  • Hence, such approaches can help you in overpowering competition. 


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We deliver diverse digital marketing solutions that can attract organic traffic to your brand’s website.

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