Major challenges of Mobile Marketing and how to overcome them

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Mobile Marketing

The increasing number of smartphone users has opened the door to mobile marketing for performance marketers. It is an effective tool that can help you to reach a wider audience base and improve your brand positioning.

You can read our blog, to get a detailed understanding of mobile marketing and its importance.

But along with the mentioned benefits, there exist several key challenges that are required to be considered. Such is important to ensure the success of the mobile marketing campaign. 

Factors to be considered 

  • Multiple Channels

A major challenge faced by performance marketers while developing a mobile marketing campaign is selecting an appropriate channel. As mobile marketing offers multiple channels or points of contact. Such include

  • In-app Messages

When a customer uses the mobile application, they can be kept engaged with the help of in-app messages. It may include communicating with users through chatbots, and in-app support messages. However, a major challenge associated with such an approach is that it is only applicable when the user is on the app.

  • Push Notifications

Along with the in-app messages, the marketer can also make use of push notifications. It can be referred to brief messages that are sent to the user to influence them to complete the transaction. Such notifications are not directly linked to the mobile app, but can also be geo-targeted. When the user enters the targeted location, he will receive the location.

  • SMS or Email Marketing 

The marketer can also make use of emails or SMS to reach the targeted audience. It has an advantage over in-app messaging, as it does not require users to have the mobile app installed. Converting users into customers through emails is a challenging task for marketers.

Every channel has its benefits as well as challenges, but investing in all can be expensive. Hence, it is important to identify the most appropriate channel. Partnering with a leading performance marketing agency can help to overcome such challenges.

  • Personalization

Mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that is majorly aimed at an individual consumer, rather than being a mass targeting strategy. Hence, it is important to adopt a strategic approach to personalization. Such results in being a major barrier to the success of mobile marketing.

As it is quite difficult to segment customers based on their behavior and target them accordingly. Also, depending on the consumer’s interest area, the shift in user interests can be identified. For instance; there would be consumer groups who can easily be targeted through in-app messages. Whereas some would rely more on their specific needs or interest before buying a product or service.

Hence, the marketer must focus on evaluating its audience base before planning on its performance marketing strategy. Marketers can control such challenges with the help of A/B Testing approaches. It can help the marketer to test different campaigns and to select an appropriate campaign with high conversion.

  • Low Retention

A low retention rate is among the challenges faced by performance marketers. As leads converted using mobile marketing tend to stay for a short time duration. Such is majorly due to the limited usage of mobile applications by targeted users.

For instance; if you are using a mobile marketing campaign for an e-commerce app, then the campaign can help in initiating the purchase. But would not help in retaining the customers for a long duration. As a result of which mobile marketing strategies results in being expensive for most companies.

There exists certain strategies that marketers can adopt to overcome such challenge of low retention. Such include;

  • Adopting Retargeting Strategies: It is the most effective measure to retain the users on the platform. Such would include using social media as well as reminder notifications to re-engage the audience.
  • Creating creative and engaging posts: While planning on the performance marketing campaign, the marketer must consider the creative use of elements. Along with encompassing the relevant information, it is also important to highlight the relevant benefits associated. It helps attract user interest and keeps them engaged.
  • Deliver personalized value: A key factor to improve client retention is focus on personalization. To achieve such goals marketers can ensure the integration of strategies with social media strategies. As it is challenging to track user behavior on the mobile platform. But social media interactions with users can help to understand their behavior and preferences. 
  • Measuring Success

Apart from those mentioned, adopting mobile marketing also faces a major challenge in measuring its success. As the marketer can track user activities such as the number of times the application was opened, and their in-app activities.

But it is challenging to track the factors that make them open the app. Whether they opened the app due to the email received or due to the push notification. It is because the marketer can track the user activities while being on the app, but can’t trace their device. Hence, adopting mobile marketing strategies requires intensive research and strategy development.

However, to overcome such strategies the marketer can ask for feedback from the user. Also, approaches can be made to ensure timely interactions with the customers to understand their preferences or any challenges being faced. 

Final Words

It can be concluded that mobile marketing is an effective tool to attract and retain the targeted audience. But to ensure the success of the mobile marketing strategy, it is recommended that you must consider the mentioned factors. Such can help develop an effective marketing strategy considering the associated challenges. To get the required assistance and support for mobile marketing, you can connect with our professionals at Verve Online Marketing

With 10+ years of proven experience, our experts can help you to reach your targeted audience. At Verve, we ensure the creation of performance marketing campaigns, considering the specific needs of your business. Also, along with mobile marketing, our professionals can assist you with the required web development and branding services. Such can help in your improved brand positioning in the competitive marketplace.

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