What are the benefits of Mobile Marketing? A guide to creating effective campaigns

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What are the benefits of Mobile Marketing

The number of smartphone users in 2022 has crossed 6.5 billion and is expected to reach 8 billion by 2026. It accounts for about 86% of the total world population. Hence, targeting users/customers through smartphones can be identified to be an effective tool in modern society.

However, to continue with the mobile promotion/marketing approaches it is important for you to understand mobile marketing in detail. 

What is mobile marketing?

It is a most convenient form of marketing that allows marketers to target users with the use of mobile devices. The marketers make use of mobile-optimized content which includes in-app advertisements, push notifications as well as multimedia text messaging. It helps in targeting a vast audience base through personalized approaches depending on their user behavior and preferences. Mobile Marketing is among the most preferred options opted for by a leading performance marketing company.

Importance of Mobile Marketing

The increasing use of smartphones is the key factor promoting the adoption of mobile marketing. Along with such mobile marketing offers great benefits to the brands including: 

  • Cost Effective: A key benefit of mobile marketing is that it is cost-effective as compared to other channels/platforms. As it can reach a wide audience base, hence the conversion rate over such a platform is high, which makes it cost-effective. 
  • Personalization: Mobile Marketing helps to promote personalization while targeting users. Depending upon their behavior/search results a specific product or service can be promoted. 
  • Diversified channels: Performance marketers can focus on diversified channels while planning for mobile marketing. Such includes websites, social media, multimedia messages, and texts. 
  • Vast Reach: Mobile Marketing can also be defined to be a part of digital or online marketing, hence it does not have a specific location or geographical boundary to be considered. Marketers can target global audiences with the help of effectively planned mobile marketing strategies.

Tips to create effective Mobile Campaigns

To ensure the achievement of your marketing goals through mobile marketing, the following tips should be considered: 

  • Mobile-Friendly Designs: As the developed campaign is aimed towards targeting customers through mobile, it is important to design it for mobile. Designing for mobile means that the ad is clearly visible over a mobile screen. 
  • Customer-Oriented/Personalization: The content developed for the mobile advertisement should be personalized. Such personalization involves an active focus on customer needs and displaying ads accordingly. 
  • Content-Driven Strategy: The content being promoted through mobile marketing should be clear and concise. For instance; if the marketing is done to promote a discount on a purchase, in such case the discount should clearly be visible on the banner or the notification. 
  • In-Ad Engagement: The marketer needs to ensure that approaches are being adopted that can promote in-ad engagement. It may involve focusing on better use of visuals or may use interactive elements. Such leads to an improved click-through rate for the campaign. 
  • In-App Marketing: An important aspect to be focused on while developing a mobile marketing campaign is designing in-app promotional posts. Such can be in-app banners, as well as push notifications. 

End Notes

Mobile Marketing is a common element that is being considered to ensure customer attraction and engagement. Mobile marketing acts as a tool that allows direct reach to the potential consumer in the marketplace. To promote your brand through mobile marketing, you can connect with the leading performance marketing company in India. Verve Online Marketing has a team of skilled marketers who can develop mobile marketing campaigns as per your brand’s needs and preferences.

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