Google’s Third Eye: How Google Identify Low Quality Webpages?

Google’s Third Eye: How Google Identify Low Quality Webpages?

Google works on the best practices of SEO. Being among the popular search engine, it works with great responsibility to show webpages to users that are genuine and contain every single detail users want from their search. SEO practitioners suggest various means to make website ranking better by putting best content, best website structure, good value to users,optimization etc, however, Google’s perspective of identifying a low quality webpages is not much discussed.

Google priority for quality webpages makes it essential for every marketer to understand the aspect of negative sign that Google identifies.

Let us discuss, indicating factors that Google recognize spam and thus recognize webpages as low quality.

  • Excessive and unnatural internal structural links

Expert SEO services providers indicates that websites targeting repetitive internal links across sidebars and footers are considered spam practice for Google. This has been a technique which was used to gain better SEO ranking but after the updates, it is considered as manipulation of SERPs. There are other obvious signs for considering a webpage low quality such as  low content, spam content etc.

  1. Extreme monetization of content

Google has always focused in providing best quality content for user searches, however, websites that cheat user or search engine or even both is considered faulty and low quality. The updates in Google algorithms, identify search performance of a webpage as crucial factor. A webpage with excessive monetizing ads and affiliate link does not satisfy the users intend of information, hence,considered low quality.

  1. Ads and affiliate links

According to consultant from SEO services company india, Google don’t help in fraud practices done by marketers. Websites disguising users with ads as their main content interwoven within content is a spam practice. Google wants the websites should entirely focus on content that answers the necessary search query of users rather than just making them scroll to pass the affiliate link or ads with intrusive overlays.

Another major issue with blend in ads and affiliate links are they mix with the content so seamlessly that users perceive them as part of the same page. Therefore, these links earn trust of the users and get clicks. This kind of deceiving nature is strictly considered spam, hence the webpage is considered low quality.

  1. Ecommerce trust factor

Despite the guidelines given by search engine, the lack of attention of ecommerce on content is a spammy practice and could reduce the ranking easily. Quality and authentic content is factors that can bring ranking for ecommerce websites.

  • Financial transaction pages

Financial transaction pages refers to any pages that witness purchase or transaction of money by users. These financial transactional page definitely include the checkout/cart page from ecommerce websites.  Google wants that these pages should be accompanied by valid prominent links from ecommerce hygiene pages such as return policy, delivery information, terms and condition etc.

Website with duplicate transactional pages or automatically generated by software tools are considered spam and low quality. These pages are important users activity pages, hence, should be executed with best of efforts.

  • Financial information

If your websites offer guideline or advice on various aspects of finance or financial activity for any product or service offered on your website, then the website should have valid content.

These content should be high quality, authentic and relevant for users to make any decision.

Keywords and content have significant role in content however, individual pages getting ranked for individual content is a concept of bygone era. Such kind of content generated are thin and low quality. Companies redirecting multiple individual pages towards a generalized product page or inquiry page creates damage to domain ecosystem and reduce the value of the webpage.


Loading time, site structure, link building and many more factors can project the pages to be low quality, however, the point mentioned above are lesser known. For Google to give value to your website and higher ranking, one should deploy white hat technique of SEO for help and say no to any spam practice.

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