Do you know what Google has just declared?

Do you know what Google has just declared?

Hey folks!

Did you hear, Google just made two very interesting declarations about ranking mechanism? These announcements might surprise you.

If you don’t know anything about these announcements, then scroll down and get some useful information. Since you understand the reasons for investing in SEO.

Declaration #1: Links and content are #1 and #2 ranking factors for Google

As we know, Google considers a range of ranking factors while ranking a website. However, as per the long known SEO pros, backlinks holds a major part of Google’s ranking factors. For instance, among 200 ranking factors, three are related to links such as:Number of links pointing to your website.

1. Number of links pointing to your website

2. Anchor text of those links

3. Authority of those links

Therefore, we can understand what SEO Company usually tells their clients, that link building is the crucial aspect when you are trying to bring your website on the first page of Google.

But it was quite surprising when Google confirmed that links and content are Google’s top most ranking signals.

Recently, when the Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, Mr. Andrey Lipattsev was asked that what are the major ranking factors, Google considers, then he answered:

“I can tell you what they are. It is content, and its links pointing to your website.”

So next time, any ones say that SEO link building is dead, then you better know what you need to do. And yes, don’t forget to work on your website’s link building.

Importance Buzz: Despite Google’s declarations about ranking signals, backlinks still hold a prominent place for Google’s algorithms. If you want to increase more white-hat links to your website, then we would recommend you to focus on your site’s backlinking.

Declaration #2: Google uses CTR (Click-through-rates) and user experience in their algorithm

Yeah, links are still leading the race, and likely to remain the same until Google introduces other ranking signals. It is signifying, that Google is consistently introducing new ranking factors into the mixture. And as per the recent discussion with Google engineer Paul Haahr, some of the new signals were disclosed:

Google performs A/B tests with the search engine result pages. Thus, if you or any internet marketing company experience a drop in your ranking or any upgrade, then here its nothing to do with links or on-page SEO. The results are due to the A/B testing.

It is obvious that Google accesses click-through rates (CTR) data as a ranking factor.

We think this is may not come as a surprise for you.

After all, in case a site is on the second page of Google, then it hardly gets any clicks, since the page is not relevant as per the user. And if the user Does click on it, then he or she will be back to the results within 2 seconds, which clearly indicates Google about the quality of the page.

On the other hand, if a page gets average clicks and users stay on the page for long, then it tells Google that the page comprises high-quality. Thus, the page will definitely get a bump in its rankings.

Importance Buzz: Google watches over how the searchers communicate with your site. An increased CTR and spending time page will surely boost your ranking on Google. Hence, it would be very helpful to optimize your CTR with super-practical strategies.

And we will be back soon!

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