Why Your Business Is Strongly Needing Social Advocacy?

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Social advocacy can be understood as a strategic planning to make the company grow and make its top executives communicate to marketplaces as social media spokesperson. Companies that create a lasting impression by social advocacy tend to create their customers and clients as their social advocate.

Business to business clients usually rely on sales person to keep their position intact in the market and expand the company’s position as well. Experts from SEO services in hyderabad believe that social advocacy can easily help b2b clients to have word of mouth social leads and social media visibility as well.

Let us discuss as how social advocacy can create a difference in your business:

  • Brand perception

Social media advocacy plays a strong role in creating an image perceptive for your brand among your targeted as well as potential customers. Social advocacy will create that good perception in the mind of people by various strategies.

  • Attract the loyalty of the employees

Social advocacy program will be helpful in creating a good reputation for the company while giving personal and professional benefit to the employees working. They will feel proud about their association with a company and hence their loyalty quotient will also rise. Employees can be pushed to talk about the company and its products by giving incentives and rewards.

What all are the components that are involved in social advocacy?

Here’s the list of certain building blocks in social advocacy program that helps to shape up your brand social advocacy

  1. Social media strategy

Without a proper social media strategy, social media advocacy program cannot stand tall. A solid social media strategy is need with proper KPIs and benchmarks to make the program successful. Consultant from best SEO company in Toronto explains that a full proof social media strategy needs strong defined content which should be authentic and original to get them shared at various channels. Social media strategy should also have strong social media monitoring and engagement tools to give better experience to viewers.

  1.  Social advocacy onboarding

Creating rules for employees while advocating the brand is essential. Employees involved in the process should maintain a guide book that clearly states corporate values, must cover branding points, and importantly restricted areas. This process of learning is everlasting and shall continue with the growth of the employee within organization.


  1. Planning social media advocacy implementation

It is very important to have a full fledged planning process behind social advocacy. There should be absolute clarity behind whom shall monitor the plan, how employees and key stakeholders should be engaged. There should be perfect communication between employees and stakeholders. They should be provide necessary tools and content that they may use to increase brand awareness and online impact by their advocacy efforts.


The best time to start social advocacy is today itself. This kind of strong efforts are bound to fetch results in the form of greatest sales figure as company increases more visibility and trust among people.

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