What is Conversion Funnel Analysis in Performance Marketing? Benefits and Bottlenecks

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What is Conversion Funnel Analysis in Performance Marketing?

Every brand wants to achieve a stable position for them in the market. It is really hard for the brands to remain in the top position forever. The brand practices high-end generic and paid marketing practices to achieve the desired result. But it is not possible without the attention. Branding would be unsuccessful when it does not meet with the target customer. All the investment and the cost allotted for the promotion and branding go into vain when the brand does not plan for it well. Hence a performance marketing agency should be connected with the brand to help it achieve its goals. 

The brand should have a unique promotion method to track its brand inclination. The key performance indicators help brands use their campaign in the right direction. With the help of KPIs, brands can measure and evaluate the performance at the end of the marketing funnel. The brand can use the KPIs and understand the journey of a customer. The entire process comes under the conversion funnel.

The conversion funnel analysis helps control and monitor the brand’s performance. The whole journey of the customer is segmented and broken into sections, to get a better analysis.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the conversion funnel analysis and how it benefits performance marketing.

So stay tuned with us.

What is meant by Conversion Funnel? 

The conversion funnel is the path followed by the customer on the digital platform. The history of the consumer who visited earlier or the audience who has visited for the first time; both are crucial for brands to identify. It helps brands improve their marketing funnel of services and cater better services to consumers. 

The main of the conversion funnel is to turn potential audiences into the customer. The other touchpoint of performance marketing is to improve brand awareness but in the conversion funnel brand focuses only on conversions.

Case Scenario to Understand Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is the beginning to last journey of a customer. When the funnel of product selling is high, the brands should optimize it to maintain their selling point. For tracing the conversion funnel the brand should connect with the performance marketing expert, they are using various tactics for achieving the optimized and profitable point for brands.

Let’s more understand about conversion funnel with the case scenario below;

The ultimate aim of the conversion funnel is to meet the goal of selling products and how many conversions are done.

For example; the product sell is the final goal of a brand. Out of the 2500 customers who visited the platform, 1000 of them are interested in subscribing and liking the product. Out of 1k, 40% of audiences add the product to their cart, while the rest of 60% leave the funnel. Out of the remaining, 10% is supposed to purchase the item. This would be possible only with the right conversion funnel via the performance marketing experts. If it happens then the funnel is successful.

Why create a conversion funnel for Product Selling? 

The successful conversion funnel help brands to sell their products and services to potential customer. Therefore it is crucial for brands to make a conversion funnel in the beginning. You can hire an expert digital marketing agency with digital marketing experts.

  • Trace drop-off points

The conversion funnel helps to identify the drop-off points where the customer loses interest and switches from the platform. The tracepoints help the brands to serve in a better way to the target potential to minimize their drop-off points. The drop-off points are crucial for brands and customer to understand their liking and where they left off in the journey. The ideal journey should not left in the middle of the funnel.

  • Identify user nature 

The conversion funnel traces the location of customers and where they will drop off. Brands must identify the customer nature with the help of conversion analytic tools. The tools help to identify the nature of customers where they start their journey and where they leave. User nature is crucial for the companies to promote their valuable products on the platform and serve in a better condition such that the customer can’t return it. With the conversion funnel cart abandonment has improved and it results in the good health of the platform.

  • Improve the funnel

The conversion funnel is the method where the marketing strategist traces the movement of the customer through the whole journey. The market strategist identifies any roadblock in the beginning such that it can be resolved later. This will help optimize the funnel and give a happy journey to the customer. Hence the brand should always have a great motive to improve their funnel and serve customers in a better way.

  • Optimize customer journey and conversion rate

When the digital marketing agency knows the touch points and the likings of the audience then they can prepare a great funnel for his journey. The optimized funnel is great for the brands to serve in a better way to the customer and know their interests well. It will eventually improve the customer scope of buying the product and boost the brand performance.

What is the Process to prepare a conversion funnel?

The conversion funnel should be clear and focused according to the demand of the customer. It should be kept in mind that every customer is unique and the marketing funnel should be prepared to cater/distribute services among customers personally.

  • Define customer journey

The customer journey should be analyzed with the help of the ideal performance metrics and tools. It will revamp your brand performance and also cater to the customer as what they require.

Every good organization hires a performance marketing strategist and professionals at the beginning of their ad campaign or paid marketing. It is obvious that only the expert team of digital marketing expert know how to start the conversion funnel and what are the KPIs and key elements for it. When you have a clear and concise at the beginning, it will add a bright conversion funnel for the customer.

  • Identify touchpoints

The touchpoints are basically the ideal points from where the customers can be traced. The touchpoints are the inviting points that introduce the brand to the liking and interest of its customers. The ideal customer reveals the brands for their liking in the form of actions like subscribe, download, install, add to cart, etc. The ideal footmark adds value to the brand in that it wants to buy.

  • Track Customer experience

The brands should give ideal time to track the customer experience on the real analytics tool. The customer experience should be noted once the customer completes their journey. The tools help in identifying the conversion and history of customers at the micro and mini levels. Friction points are great in serving the personalized journey to the customer. It saves time and cost for the customer.

  • Use heatmaps 

Using the heatmaps the customer can identify the customer interaction and how to interact with the brand’s platform. It gives a brief insight into customers and their pain points. The heatmap feature tells you the important threshold points of the customer journey. When the customer performs the whole journey then the heatmap is prepared such that the brand can identify whether the customer is actually making a conversion or not.

Hence heatmaps can give a detailed overview of the brand. Customer segmentation is crucial for the brands to understand the user behavior. It will identify the interest and liking of customers, and through the heatmaps, the performance marketing agency find out friction points.

How does Verve Online Marketing help brands in increasing conversions? 

Verve Online Marketing is a professional digital marketing agency, that helps brands to meet with their potential customers and boost sales. The revenue generation is the ultimate aim of the brand.

We understand that the customer journey is crucial for companies to maintain brand image and awareness. We know that the brands should know whether their customer is meeting with the funnel or not. We build the optimized funnel for the brands such that they can involve new audiences and regain old customers. During the whole journey if any of the misleading then it is crucial to fix it on time. 

1. Conversion in real-time

The brands connect with the real-time to the customer. The conversions provide a broad vision of the brand about its specialties to the customer. It is crucial to understand the needs of customers in the beginning. This will boost sales and revenue. 

2. Filter criteria based on customer type 

Based on the filter criteria it would be crucial for the brands to deliberately serve their customers. This will give a good edge to the customer value. It will optimize the brand funnel.

The demographics like age, gender, location, etc, are based on the filter criteria that improve the customer experience. Customer segmentation is based on the filter criteria for the customers. To serve them according to their interest and liking.

3. a/b testing 

The a/b testing is the method that is performed to evaluate the performance of the campaign by all methods. The companies adopt the a/b testing to invite customers to the platform and engage with them. If any bottleneck arises in the middle or after the completion of the conversion funnel, then the a/b testing helps to identify it in the beginning.


The conversion funnel is an important metric for brands to achieve their target in real-time. Major brands want a revamped presence of their digital identity on their platform. When they identify the journey of the customer from the beginning, then it would be a great deal for a brand to achieve in real time. 

The conversion funnel is helpful for the marketing of the brand and meets the desired result in real-time. It is the structured approach to understanding customer behavior in detail. The method allows brands to meet with their potential customer to serve them in a better way. 

For more details you should meet with Verve Online Marketing, it is the ideal performance marketing brand that can help you. We have a team of professional digital marketing experts that can serve you in a better way.

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