What is Carousel Ads? How Are They Used For Better Performance Marketing Results?

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Carousel Ads

Performance marketers are required to be focused on adopting approaches that can contribute towards better marketing results. Such marketing results are measured based on the number of visitors on the platform, the revenue generated over the period, or the ROAS. Hence, approaches must be adopted that can lead towards improved brand creativity and better goal achievement.

You must have seen various display ads, banner ads, text ads, and other forms to promote products/services in the marketplace. But nowadays these ad formats have become much more common and also have several disadvantages. Hence, to fill the gaps of such display ad formats and to eliminate the disadvantages, marketers are focusing on Carousel ad forms. These ad formats are informative and help keep the audience engaged. There are several benefits of adopting carousel ad formats, but one needs to be careful whole designing such an ad type. 

In this blog, we will focus on elaborating more about Carousel Ads and how they can be beneficial in Performance Marketing. 

What are Carousel Ads? 

As of the simplest possible definition, it can be reflected that Carousels are ad formats that combine multiple images and videos. These ad formats are scrollable and on each slide, the advertiser represents unique information. The performance marketer plans on a creative approach that can help in achieving the marketing goal in the online space. 

The studies reflect that carousels have 72% better conversion rates than traditional display ad formats. Also, can generate 10 times higher traffic than traditional ad formats. There are various uses of Carousel Ads, such include:

  • Showcasing various products or variants of a single product. With carousels, the marketer can add the required number of slides as per the number of products. 
  • Highlighting multiple promotional offers or information in a single ad.
  • To showcase any specific information related to your brand promotion and growth. 
  • Carousels can also be used to showcase the different features of a product or service. 

Benefits of Carousel Ads

If you interact with a leading performance marketing company in India, they will help you know more about the carousel ad formats. Let’s focus on some of the benefits of the carousel ad formats that can further help performance marketers. 

  • Promotes Engagement:

In the Performance marketing campaign, the marketers ensure the drafting of creative approaches that can help in attracting audiences. For instance; in the very first slide, the marketers use a catchy phrase or line that attracts the audience’s attention. Further, a series of interconnected slides are formed that provide users with the relevant decisions. Hence, such acts out to be an effective strategy to keep the audience engaged.

  • Carousel Ads are Interactive: 

Carousel ads are highly interactive, as each slide has new information that keeps the audience engaged and influences them to swipe to new slides. Also, performance marketers make creative efforts to include certain interactive elements in their marketing strategy.

  • Multiple Uses:

The carousels are of multiple uses as discussed above. It can be justified that carousels are of the best use for promoting products or spreading information. Hence, are more efficient and can allow you to start a new topic or interest area in each ad format.

  • Efficient:

It can be reflected that Carousels are the most efficient ad format being used by performance marketers. It allows the marketers to get more ad space, also more area to place enhanced text. Due to its ability to combine multiple information in a single ad post, these ad formats are more cost-efficient. Marketers can creatively utilise carousels to target more audiences than any other ad format.

  • Better Conversion Rate: 

Experienced performance marketers reflect that Carousels have 30–50% lower cost per conversion and result in 20–30% lower cost per click. Hence, such allows the marketer to utilise the budget to post more ads and that can help in improved conversions.

Tips to Enhance Your Carousel Ad Post

Hope the above information has provided you with detailed information about how a carousel post works and why it is important. So now let’s focus on key tips that you must consider to enhance your carousel ad post. 

  • Follow a Storytelling Approach

It has often been identified that users don’t reach the end of a carousel post. There can be various factors that can impact user engagement on the post. Such factors can be non-linking posts, lack of creativity and engagement. It is recommended that marketers follow a storytelling approach that can help keep the audience engaged till the last slide. It includes presenting interesting information on each slide and further interlinking it with the upcoming one. 

  • Use Professional and Tempting Pics/Photos:

It is recommended that marketers make use of professional photos and images while placing the images in the carousel. The images placed must be clear, and tempting and be able to attract viewers’ attention. It is also advised that marketers use a 1:1 format for images, as this format best suits most platforms. 

  • Ensure Attaching Relevant Links:

Relevant links must be attracted to the carousel post published. Such hyperlinking can help you drive audiences to your website and to get the expected results. For instance; if your carousel is aimed towards promoting a product, then it must lead the user to the product detail page. On the other hand, if it is for a service, then the link must lead them towards the service description page. 

  • Rely on a Perfect Landing Page:

To improve conversions from your carousel post in performance marketing, it is important to work creatively on the landing page. A landing page is designed so that the buyer can make the final purchase seamlessly, without being involved or stuck in the decision-making process. Hence, it is important that approaches are being adopted that can help enhance page creativity. 

  • Work on Enhancing Customer Experince:

It is further important for performance marketers to rely highly on the customer experience while designing and implementing carousels. The customer experience in the performance marketing journey includes the customers seeing an ad that creates curiosity, then he/she clicks on the ad which gets him/her to the landing page, and at the visit they complete the transaction. Throughout this process, they might not face any error or complexity arising due to any of the associated factors. 

  • Keep it Simple:

The key to winning a carousel marketing game is to keep it simple. It means that you must not integrate too much information into a single carousel ad form. Rather it’s better to showcase your vast product variety in your post. For example; you can promote a shirt and can further present different colour options available for the particular product, or designs for the product. It is much better than introducing a new product with each swipe. It can limit your ability to put information and to communicate effectively. 

Testing Your Carousel

An essential tip or aspect to be considered while planning and posting your carousel is testing. If you partner with a leading performance marketing company in India, they can help you understand in detail the significance of testing and how it can contribute towards improved results. 

There are certain aspects to be considered while planning to test carousel ads so that they can perform effectively. Such factors include;

  • A/B Variant Testing:

A carousel can be short with 3-5 slides and longer with 7-8 slides. However, its performance varies with the shift in audience and industry preferences. Hence, it is important that variant testing is being done to know which carousel version is working better for your brand.

  • Check for its arrangement and operations:

It is important that your carousel is arranged in proper sequence and is working smoothly. It means that the graphics and text being used are easily adaptable to the platform. Hence, the performance marketers must check for the relevant details before making the carousel ads live.

  • Check for the links and hyperlinking options:

Performance Marketers need to ensure that the links attached to the carousel are directed towards the landing page. It is important that proper links are provided and further the landing page or webpage has the relevant details that the brand aims to deliver to the customers.

  • Alignment with the Platform:

It can be reflected that a key approach that can be focused on while testing the developed carousel ad is its suitability to the platform. The carousel developed must be aligned with the platform’s specific requirements. For instance; some platforms have limitations concerning the number of slides used, as well as the image/video quality of the carousel.

  • Check for CTA Working:

An essential element of your carousel ad is the CTA button that you have embedded with your ad. Hence, it is important to ensure that it has the targeted URL and can lead your audience to your targeted page. If not, the relevant changes must be ensured and the user must be redirected to the landing page. 

Are Carousel Ads Effective in Modern Marketing?

Now let’s come straight to the question that you might have in your mind regarding the effectiveness of the carousel ads. As per the experience of our performance marketers, we can assure you that using carousel ads can contribute towards a 20-30% increase in your CTA.

Performance marketers ensure that several key approaches can be adopted to ensure better marketing results. Such includes adopting a storyline, providing a how-to approach, making it interactive, and introducing real-life elements. In short, the success of a carousel ad is highly dependent on the ability and creativity of the performance marketers. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to get a relevant performance campaign that can expand your brand, you must connect with the performance marketers at Verve Online Marketing. We are the leading Performance Marketing Company in India providing tailored performance marketing campaigns to our clients. At Verve Online Marketing we ensure focus on the emerging industry trends and plan on the marketing campaigns accordingly. 

So what are you waiting for partner with our performance marketing experts today and elevate your brand presence in the global space. Also, at Verve we can help you with other essential tools such as SEO, PPC, brand designing, and your brand’s website development needs.

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