How to Use SEO Techniques To Generate Potential Traffic For Your Website?: 6 SEO Techniques

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SEO Techniques To Generate Potential Traffic

2024 begins a new year and resolution for brands and businesses. Brands must align their product services perspectives with consumer needs. Consumers are the asset for the organization and user-generated searches are consent for faster goals.

It is interesting to know, that Google is the dominating platform for searching with a market revenue of $80B, and relies on Google algorithms which work with the help of bots.

Most searches are generated on Google but only some searches rank your website on top. It is possible with SEO techniques that optimize your business website and rank it beside the most desirable audiences.

So let’s dive with us in this insightful blog where we take you to your potential audiences efficiently. It would be great for your businesses to use these below practices and improve their traffic exponentially. 

6 Top Techniques for Website Traffic Improvement 

1. High-Quality Backlinks 

High-quality backlinks are worthy for your website optimization and secure a higher place on Google. It is an important practice for every business to use high-quality backlinks to connect their content with internal articles and external high-searchable links.

When you add high-quality links to the website pages, they are subordinate to faster-ranking results in the least time. Generally speaking, higher-quality backlinks have a great advantage over less-quality backlinks. The Google bots give much priority to websites that contain high authority backlinks compared to low priority in searching.

High-quality backlinks come under long-term SEO techniques. There is no shortcut for it. It helps your brand ranking and awareness. There should be a mix of both outlinking and interlinks on your webpage. 

2. Click Worthy Search Results 

What audience is looking at search results on Google after asking questions? 

Audiences are always inclined for worthful searches when they visit any website if it is relevant then only the user stays on it but if the results are not worthful then the user leaves the website early.

Your audience is smart enough, and they are likely to click on URLs that have correspondent itineraries to which they are asking. The click-worthy search results are interesting for users to go through.

There is some secret ingredient to lie on top of Google’s search engine. When your website page has essential meta, title, content, keywords, and lying top on Google search results then only you can say the result search intent is worth clickable. Always use iconic planning before writing content and placing it on your website. The worthful result is always intimidating and appreciable by audiences.

Check the performance of your webpage on Google Search Console. Optimization of content and SEO, get global rank to your pages and aware audiences of it. 

3. Answerable Featured Snippets 

What the user is searching for, is answered using featured snippets. The popular snippets inspire the audience to visit and get answers in instances of time. The featured snippets are shown at the top of the search bar for every query that the user is asking. Suppose you as a user ask to search engine Google: ‘How to start a fashion ecommerce brand’? Then on top of Google SERP results you can find featured snippets in bullets, which are answerable for your query.

Featured snippets are the top intimidating way to capture your website’s rank on top. This must be a trail-breaking step for your website performance and an incredible boost in ranking.

The question is how to rank on top of Google with a Featured Snippet. There is no shortcut for that, all you have to do is to write compact content on your website that is relevant to Google and users. 

4. Create Authentic Content Hubs

If you are planning to create a content hub for your website then you can start after looking for competitor’s folders. It will give you a better analysis for creating a unique content hub for your audiences.

The content hub would solely depend on your expertise on digital platforms. For example, if you belong to the fashion industry or ecommerce then you can provide exposure to your audiences from Chapter 1 to further chapters. Begin from Chapter 1 where you can provide an introductory vision to your audiences providing every essential detail, in the next chapter you can further provide another chapter including broader details of Chapter 1. Add some new bullet points, discuss new topics, and what is trending in the fashion industry. Create, edit, and remove errors, likewise, so that your readers will align with the concept till the end.

The content hub topic you can find using tools like Uber Suggest, Ahref, Keyword Planner, etc. Your website authority needs to create a content hub with interlinking. Such that for every new chapter or article you can create a compact pack of folder-like hubs. Your linking advocates your audiences to content step by step. 

5. Eye on Competitor’s Topics

Do you know who are your competitors? The ones who have similar digital platforms and selling services. The competitors share sharing same vision that you have and work from similar perspectives. In the global market, you have plenty of competitors that you should be aware of. It will help you make an affirm goal and leverage a wider scope to business awareness and revenue.

A competitor’s rank analysis is very crucial to understanding his direction and psychology of him. In the competitive market, it is important to analyze to understand your competitor’s strategy. Along with this, you should always know about where the gap in the market, and therefore you can plan for your business strategy. With the Competitor’s rank with Google keyword planner, you can plan for the following things: shape strategies, better understand the industry, be aware of niche markets, and benchmark for SEO strategies.

For competitor analysis, you can get help from tools like Ahref, social media tools, social listening tools, Analytics tools, and keyword tools. 

6. Improve EEAT and CWV 

EEAT: experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

CWV: core web vitals

Both terminologies above are important for ranking your website. The EEAT can be increased using quotes. CWV helps to predict expert knowledge of your page like page loading speed, responsive time, stability, and how to interact with audiences.

It is crucial to perform a site audit for your website to avoid any trailblazers and include important elements inside it. 


The list does not end here. But we do not want to betray you. In this blog, we have mentioned the top parameters that if you align inside your website, you are sure to get improved and the best rankings.

If you thinking about how to start ranking on top of Google SERP, then you are at the right place. Start with the above website ranking factors, we help your rankings in the top of SERP. Our experts at Verve Online Marketing, help your brand reach the top of the rankings using technical optimization techniques including SEO.

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