How Effective Video Ads Can Be in Performance Marketing?

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How Effective Video Ads Can Be in Performance Marketing

You must have interacted with Performance Marketers and they have highlighted the use of display ads, native ads, and video ads for better reach. Every ad type has significance in performance marketing and can deliver an expected reach. The leading performance marketers are well aware of such aspects, but it is also important for you as a client to understand its significance. 

What are Video Ads?

Don’t confuse video ads with the ads that are displayed on television. Television ads are a much different format and have differentiated elements to focus on. Video ads are usually ads that last for 15-30 sec, and provide a brief message about a product or your campaign. Due to being a creative visual piece, it engages the users and helps in generating a better click-through rate.

Video Ads are one of the most preferred advertisement approaches by marketers. These short-form videos are also being used by marketers across different e-commerce platforms. You must have seen that along with the product images, there is a short video attached. The purpose of the video is to highlight the product features in a more visually appealing manner. 

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several other benefits of Video Ads due to which it is one of the most favoured approaches by the leading Performance Marketing Company in Jaipur

Benefits of Video Ads/Marketing Approach

  • Better Reach: 

Video Ads help in improving your market/societal reach. Video advertisements help communicate more clearly and ensure audience engagement. A promotional video created by marketers can effectively be used across platforms and in a similar platform. Also, a creative video ensures higher sharability and buzz among the audience. An industry statistic reflects that video ads can generate 27 times higher click-through rates. Through a 15-30-second video format, you can more specific and detailed information to the audience.

  • Utilising Creativity to Achieve Marketing Results:

The marketer can ensure utilising creativity for an engaging video format. The product video created by a performance marketer can be aimed towards the product, brand or any other topic area. Further, the marketer can utilise certain characters in their videos to make them interesting and visually appealing.

  • Improved Organic Traffic:

Video ads are the best approach, that can help in improving and enhancing organic traffic. These ads appear on audience feeds based on their search results and their preferences. Also, due to being creative and focusing on an interesting topic, they help in improved sharability. It is also used as an effective tool to evaluate your audience’s needs. For instance; if one of your video ads is not performing well, then based on such you can evaluate market factors. These factors include the reason due to which the ad failed to perform. Hence, can inform you better about your audience’s needs/preferences.

  • Communicate and Educate:

Video Ads are an effective approach to not only communicate with your audience but to educate them. Performance marketers and brands also make use of such tools to educate their audience about any specific issue related to their product/industry. Such approaches help in improving brand reliability and trust among the audience. Also, with the help of such approaches, the brand can ensure improved brand loyalty in the marketplace.

  • Versatile across channels:

Apart from the benefits or factors discussed above, it can be identified that video ads are the most versatile tool to be adopted across channels. A common video can be used on social media, websites and for YouTube advertising. Such can help in ensuring a better reach and interaction with the audience in the dynamic marketplace. 

Essential Elements of a Video Ad

  • Brand Story: 

The most essential element to be focused on in a Video Ad is the story or the message that you want to convey to your audience. It should be engaging and must include relevant details about the product/service that you are promoting through your video ad. An experienced performance marketer is well aware of the type of stories that can engage/influence the audience.

  • Video Length and Speed:

Along with the story that you want to communicate, you must be mindful of the duration or video length. As you must have read a modern-day consumer has an attention span of 8 seconds. It means that they only stay 8 seconds on content and decide whether to consume it or not. Even if they found it interesting, they would not spend more than 30 sec on content. Hence, your video ad should not exceed such a limit.

  • Visuals Used:

The performance marketer needs to plan for the type and quality of visuals being used in the video. They can be either animated, realistic or random articles symbolizing the brand or product, and used just to grab the audience’s attention. But the visuals used must complement your brand/product or the message you want to communicate to your audience.

  • CTA Positioning:

While creating the video, the marketer must be wise while placing the CTA button. It must be placed either at the end of the video or at any interesting part where you expect the visitor to stop. Such a placement would help in better click-through and conversion rates for your website. The CTA can buy now, shop now, inquire now, book your product/service now, limited stocks or any other relevant choice of words.

  • Device Optimization:

An essential element to be focused on optimizing your video for different platforms and networks. Your audience can be on a desktop, smartphone or tablet when he/she gets your ad. Hence, your video must be easily playable and visible across the platforms. It can also be stated that video ad is optimized well enough that they can easily be played and it does not impact the user expectations due to slow loading and higher resolutions. 

Types of Video Ads

Different types of Video Ads can be focused on by a performance marketer. Such type is also dependent on the brand/product type and its nature.

  • In-Stream/In-Display Ads:

These are the types of ads that mostly appear on streaming platforms such as YouTube or other OTT platforms. These types of ads mostly appear either at the start, or end of the video, but depending on the video length, these ads can also appear in the middle of streaming. Also, these ads are mostly unskippable, hence requiring the marketer to be creative enough while creating such ads. A dull or disjoined ad can impact your audience’s attention and their association with your brands.

  • Out-stream video ads:

These are the video ads that are mostly found on websites or social media but are not part of streaming platforms. These ads are usually short between 10-15 seconds, and focus more on awareness about a product or offer. They are also a part of the native advertisement type used by performance marketers to reach the targeted audience in the marketplace.

  • Bumper Ads:

These are the shortest 6-second ad formats used by marketers for quick interaction with the audience. Such ads are unskippable, hence if they arrive on the user screen they must have to see it. Hence, it provides marketers with an opportunity to communicate their ideas to the user and convert them to their potential customers.

  • Linear Ads:

These ads are simply aligned with the content that you are viewing on your screen. For instance, if you are streaming a video on an OTT platform, then such ads can appear in the middle of the content. Along with being aligned, such an ad format allows the user to play and pause the ad content and also to rewind it. Hence, making it more engaging/interactive.

Many more types of video ads are used by performance marketers to promote client’s products and services. To know more you must connect with a leading performance marketing agency in your region. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced performance marketing agency in India, you must connect with the professionals at Verve Online Marketing. We have experienced performance marketers who have worked with brands across the global marketplace. Also, they are well aware of the emerging trends in the digital marketing space. Hence, can help your brand effectively reach your targeted audience.

With Verve Online Marketing, you can experience the realm of digital and performance marketing and can take your brand to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Book for consultation slot today and connect with experienced performance marketers.

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