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First Results And Pay Later

Digital marketing and SEO is a highly dynamic segment and it is but obvious to have valid queries in mind that need a direction.

Being an entire layman to digital marketing or SEO, you are an easy target to get conned. Thus, Verveonlinemarketing brings to you the "First Results And Pay Later" campaign. We know the pain of a business struggling to make ends meet in this typically competitive market. Above that, unsatisfactory results?

In this unpredictable market, Verve Online Marketing has your back, the team of experts is here to support you and keep you confident in our services through these FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) That Most Fail To Answer

Several companies make commitments and promises, showing you the skies of success. Based on their ideas, they take advance payments. Such companies often ghost themselves when unable to execute their SEO ideas successfully. On the contrary, the company that says “first results then payments” is great in comparison as you have nothing to lose. From any tangent, it is a win-win deal for you.

A genuine SEO company will provide you with the SEO audit report depicting the current position of your website along with screenshots. With audit reports, you will come to know the potential loopholes in your website which needs to be looked after from an SEO perspective. The company will thereon work to sort all the mentioned issues delivering the results as they are achieved through weekly reports and other forms of communication.

If someone has promised you a specific number of days then it's sceptical. No one can guarantee complete results within a small amount of time. SEO is an ongoing process with several milestones that leads to a common goal. Several companies have been relying on SEO and digital marketing for years for reputation management, authority building and rankings on SERPs. Although, the best SEO company can articulate the results of their SEO endeavours. Thus Verve Online Marketing brings to you the “first result then payment” privilege.

More than just getting the rankings, SEO is about authority building and maintaining a position with relevant keywords for a long time. Moreover, it is important to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms which is a constant process. There is technically no shortcut to best SEO practices. If someone guarantees shortcuts, they are probably using the riskier/illegal ways such as black hat SEO, content spinning, keyword overstuffing, etc.

It is the most unethical form of SEO practice performed to increase the rankings within days by violating the search engine’s code of conduct. The process seems promising at first but has no significant long term results and if uncovered, it can cost you a huge fine. Therefore, beware of hoaxes doing Black Hat SEO, they often overcharge for a job getting done at short notice. More importantly, a company standing for years with strong goodwill in the market will never be involved in black hat SEO.

Do not mistake freelancing with affordable services. Firstly, freelancers are never concerned with sharing the reports or results of their tasks. Also, they do not give proper hours of the day as they are not bound to a contract. Result? No proper communication, guidance or support. Moreover, no NDA is signed before commencing a deal which often leads to data laundering or breaches. Above everything, no freelancer says 'first result then payments'.

With an ethical SEO company, you do not have to worry about progress status. You will be informed about every milestone through weekly reports, updates on on-site optimization, frequent communication, dedicated customer support and process transparency. You will see the ranking of your website and web pages gradually going up with target keywords.

Firstly, you cannot limit your search to a certain parameter. The company in your neighbourhood might not be the best SEO company you are searching for. Certain companies promise to rank up your business website, whose own website doesn’t have SEO rankings. Do the groundwork smartly and the companies you come across even on Google, make sure you check their website on SERPs and for client testimonials. Remember only an expert with years of experience has the audacity to tell you to pay after results.

Being a layman to the SEO and digital marketing world, your fear is quite valid. First of all, beware of companies that promise overnight rankings. No one can guarantee top rankings overnight. Secondly, do not fall into the trap of those who say they will submit your website to hundreds of search engines or trick you by saying they already know when and what will be the next change in Google algorithms. Updates are not even revealed to the Google team itself.