The Complete Guide to Digital ad Technology

The Complete Guide to Digital ad Technology

What is Ad Tech?

Ad tech is the umbrella term for the software and tools that help agencies and brands target, deliver, and analyze their digital advertising efforts.

An artificial eye

In an upgraded technology even natural eye has been upgraded to virtual eye. It doesn’t mean that eyes are changed or something. Since decades and generations have passed. We have also passed the old school philosophy. From meet ups to video calls, old landlines to mobile phones, mobile phones to smartphones, courses to video tutorials, from physical shop to online shopping. Technology has been a crucial part of our day to day life. Even after the outbreak of coronavirus, people have turned out to be best friends of technology.

How are we aware that our needs are available and can be fulfilled online? From hair pin to shoelace everything can be located online. There are many features that spread and make people aware. Digital Ads refers to internet marketing or also most commonly referred to as Digital marketing. It advertised about the services that can be served online. It not only focuses on customer needs but also on provider needs. Providers refer to businesses that are offering goods and services for consumer preference.

Face of Digital Ad as per Business point

Every business looks for a wide range of expansion in their respective industry. Starting business is not difficult. Main work is to focus on promotion and attracting customers. What makes every business different? What should be done to attract more customers? These are certain questions to be answered before start up.

As per the current scenario online selling and advertising is more trendy then wandering like a travel bug. Online platform has a high reach and more exploring options. Digital Ads itself is a key to marketing. It helps to pursue innovation for and within the market range.

In what ways we can explore Digital Ads

While serving the net we have witnessed various advertisements in the form of banners, posters, videos, emails. Certainly there are varieties of advertising options that can be opted for business promotions.

1) Display ads: This form of digital ads includes images and texts such as banners, landing pages, pop-ups, blogs or Flash ads. It’s simple and affordable to implement. Common viewed promotions are of hotels, games, events, shows and clothes. It covers a large audience.

2) Native: This option mainly initiates from the user search or most visited sites. This is less irritated because it generally updates the recent searches. It has more audience targeting as it reflects from the user actions. It is more reliable and audience friendly marketing technique.

3) Social Media: Today’s social media has also explored marketing a product. This advertisement includes native and display ads. This includes images, text with user preference. It also includes video ads sponsored by brands. Facebook and Instagram are considered to be more visited and wide range market for advertising the goods and services.

4) Search Engine marketing: This ads criteria refers to the users inserted keywords. It is subdivided into two PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (Search engine optimization). PPC refers to the ads’ stickered links. It depends on the bid placed by the adviser. It was placed after a Google quality check. SEO refers to the optimization of search engines with relevant keywords. Quality and appropriate keyword usage helps to upgrade the search on the first page.

5) Video ads: mostly annoying ads experienced while watching videos. This basically includes commercial ads. This requires time investment with relevant details of the campaign. But it is an effective source of awareness. It is a catchy and absorbing source for products. Also helps with product usage and looks.

6) Email marketing: Emails divided in options like personal, social and promotion. It is more audience specific as this promotion requires an email list. This is created while signing up at some websites. So it also works on advising promotional code, cask backs, and discounts on an individual basis.

All above roads connect to the main highway which focuses on promotion and satisfying the consumer needs. It also works from a business perspective. Eye catchy, informative are main focused criteria. It helps to provide relevant and important details about the business. Expertise room and service room are explored.

Outsource talent 

Who creates these innovative platforms? Most of the time, these skills are outsourced. This work is allotted to experts. We have often heard of web developers, Web designers, Graphic designers, content writers. These are the face providers. They are considered to be the makeup artist of the campaign. These experts design banners, posters, website, flyers, logos, brochure, E-invite, Menu, Social media marketing, blogs, recreate and redesign. These layouts help to promote and explore new possibilities.

Web development and designing: It refers to promoting your product with your own platform. Generally on Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal or other outsourced selling portals people list and sell products. This service helps to be your own boss. Yet it is time consuming but centralized. Other platforms have certain restrictions and need approval. But your own business website is all yours with all monopoly.

Graphic designing: This service looks after the promotional department. It works on Logo designing, Flyers, Postures, Invites, Menu. It helps to create or recreate in an aesthetic manner. It is the face of the business idea with important details only. It also works upon social media marketing pamphlets that attract more individuals.

Search Engine Optimization: It basically works upon visibility of the website. It works upon increasing demand and visits the website. This service helps to promote the quality and reader friendly content. When we search we look for relevant and exact points in the content.

Content Marketing: What company serves depicts from the content and the presented in creative form. It includes images, videos that interpret the idea of the company. Being to the point is more appropriate than hiding behind the bush.

Corporate works: Corporate word comes with more services at more effective prices. Corporate world is vast as compared to small businesses.

Digital marketing not only covers individuals but also corporate lifestyle. With ongoing upgrades in the technology maximum market is being covered online. People prefer to peek instead of roaming. This wide range explores itself in every industry. Every consumer could not be a designer but a designer is a consumer.


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