20 Proven Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website

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Organic Traffic To Your Website

Performance Marketing is the most commonly adopted approach by every ecommerce player or startup in the current market. It involves the use of paid ads, social media ads as well as search engine optimization to deliver results. However, it is important that with brand growth your reliability towards organic audience must increase.

Such does not point out the fact that paid ads are irrelevant in the long run. The paid ads are important to spread brand awareness, attract audience interest and convert new audiences. But along such it is also important to retain existing audience and attract new customers through organic means. The key to such organic traffic is to invest in SEO practices and to improve your website ranking.

However, SEO is not just a tool or element that you can excel at to gain improved organic ranking. Hence, to ease the process, in this blog, we will discuss the proven and recommended approaches by SEO experts that can help you drive organic traffic to your website. 

1. Topic Expertise 

If you are aiming for organic traffic, then the best approach is to focus on topic expertise while doing content marketing. You must work on crafting expertise in a specific niche or topic. Such a topic must directly be associated with your product/service. Further, you can publish content regularly on the topic and in much detail that can excite your audiences.

At VerveOnlineMarketing, we are a leading provider of digital marketing services. Hence our blog content revolves around Digital Marketing Services and related categories. Such can help your brand fulfil the E-E-A-T characteristics and drive more organic traffic to your brand’s website. 

2. Interlink Your Social Media and SEO

A key recommendation that you must follow for organic traffic is to interlink your SEO and social media strategy. Your social media posts must follow the keyword guidelines and E-E-A-T guidelines for content creation. Further, you must ensure that your content/blogs/posts are shared on multiple platforms including social media. These approaches actively help grab the audience’s attention and also contribute towards an increase in the number of shares on digital platforms. It is also recommended that you provide direct share access to different social media platforms for your content. 

3. Monitor Your Website Performance

A healthy habit that can help boost your website’s organic traffic is constantly monitoring your website’s performance. If you are planning to make any changes to your website, you must check for its performance before and after the changes. It is expected that post changes your website may experience a dip, but with time it must improve. If not, then the changes implemented were either not planned properly or were not perfectly suited for your website.

The key metrics to track are your website ranking, site speed, SEO audit, and other technical aspects. Tracking these elements can actively help to be aware of your website’s performance and accordingly relevant improvements can be introduced over the period. 

4. Content Updation

It is recommended that you focus on keeping your content updated. Such an updation is important for both the page content as well as the blogs. If you have written a blog 2-3 years back, but it has a higher traffic, then you must update it. The updation must not include making drastic changes to the content of the blog. But should be aimed towards adding/including the latest statistics. Also, the content that the audience might be interested in reading in the present scenario.

You must prefer an add-on to the existing content, and refine your existing content to the extent that it does not appear to be an entirely newly written blog. The refinement can include replacing existing keywords with the most recently researched keywords. 

5. Create Engaging Images

You must consider including relevant and engaging images to attract and retain audiences. Simply written long-form content without images becomes tedious and fails to retain an audience despite having high content quality. Further while planning for quality images, you must also consider Image SEO approaches. It includes adding alt text to your images and resizing them as per the website specifications. Also, to optimize it ensure that it doesn’t hamper the website page speed. 

6. Write Attractive Headlines

To drive the audience it is important to add elements that are irresistible and can’t be ignored. Hence, for your blogs or content, such an element is creating attractive headlines. When a user searches online, Google provides him/her with the number of websites with the required information. However, the user clicks on the one with the most compelling and attractive headline.

Hence, to attract such an audience, you need to work on your blog/content headlines to make it more catchy. To do so you can add numbers, question elements, emotional context or precise headings to target the audience’s attention. 

7. Replan Your Keyword Strategy

The best way to gain organic traffic for your webpage is to work on a keyword strategy. Your content must have the relevant keywords that your potential audiences are using. In most cases, the audience makes a generic search using keywords to look for the results available. Hence, your content must have such keywords so that it can appear in the search results.

However, while doing the same, you must avoid keyword stuffing as it can lead towards website penalization. You can focus on using the SEO tools to conduct keyword research or partner with a leading SEO company in Jaipur to get your website optimised as per the keyword trends. 

8. Consider Your Page Speed

A factor that annoys the audience the most is the page speed. Even if your website tops the search results, and has the best quality content and captivating headlines, still you may experience higher bounce rates. The only reason for such a bounce is your page speed. An idle page speed is considered to be around 2.5s and a maximum of 4s. If your page speed is beyond this, you will lose your audience. 

The best approach to overcome such a threat is to optimize your webpage, and its elements including URL, Domain, Server, Image Size and other factors to achieve speed. 

9. Check for Mobile Responsiveness

An important factor that most developers and experts oversee is mobile responsiveness. Mobile searches made up about 58% of the total searches globally. Desktop is around 40% and the rest 2% is on tablets. Hence, ignoring mobile responsiveness means that you willingly are giving up over 60% of your audience. So you must work on optimizing your website for mobile usage also. It can help you drive the audiences organically from both mobile and desktop. 

10. Evaluate Your Competition

Whether you are operating in the offline space or the digital space, you must check for your competition. There are possibilities that you and your competitors will have different approaches to driving organic traffic. However, for some competitors, your strategy might be a superior one, but another one can be superior to yours.

Hence, such an evaluation can help you identify any of the gaps in your SEO or performance marketing strategy. You can rely on the expertise of marketers at VerveOnlineMarketing, to get a detailed market audit and your competitor evaluation. 

11. Host an Online Community

Whether you are a product brand or a service provider, you can start an online community. Such a community can involve the like mind audience you can be your potential customers. Also, there can be those who are interested in knowing more about your products or industry. However, the second audience group of enthusiasts may not be a direct buyer of your products/services but can help spread word of mouth.

Such a community can also be triggered through your social media channels. You can keep your audience informed through your posts and they can further connect with you and other audiences in the comment box. Hosting an online community allows you to directly engage with your audiences and to create a more organic brand image and positioning in the competitive marketplace. 

12. Participate in Discussion Forums

An effective approach that can help your target audience organically is participating in online discussion forums. These discussion forums can be on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or can be on dedicated platforms such as Quora. The users simply paste their queries on such platforms and expect the experts to answer them. 

Hence, you can take benefit of such a scenario by providing an expert answer to the user’s question. Such can help in reflecting your brand’s expertise in the field and can attract the attention of the audience at large. It can also help you understand what your potential audiences are searching for or looking for. Accordingly, if required you can make changes to your products or services. 

13. Make Use of Audit Tools

It is recommended that if you are aiming for organic traffic, you need to monitor your performance in real time and make improvements accordingly. Hence, simply making assumptions is not enough. You must invest in audit tools that can provide a detailed overview of your website performance on different parameters.

You can take the help of Google Analytics, Ad sense, AHREF tools, page speed analysis, responsiveness and other essential criteria to know your website performance. Or the best approach is to leave it to the experts. The performance marketers at VerveOnlineMarketing take the best care of your website and its performance based on the data from reputed audit tools. 

14. Internal Linking

The organic traffic on your website is highly influenced by that of Google’s SERP algorithms. Google’s bots automatically crawl the website based on its algorithm and decide on the ranking of the page. Hence, you must ensure that an easy crawlable path is created for the Google bot. In the process, you can easily plan the user journey on your webpage. 

For instance, your homepage must contain the link to all the secondary pages of your website. Such secondary pages can be your service page, about page, blog page or any other relevant page. Further, these pages must be interlinked in chronological order, so that the user can easily navigate through the pages. 

These internal links, allow Google to justify your website’s authoritativeness, as well as improve the audience engagement time on your website. 

15. Start Email Newsletter

You can keep your online community or existing audience engaged by starting an online/email newsletter. Such a newsletter can include any announcement, details about your product/service, your blogs, or any other engaging content form. These newsletters allow you to keep your audience informed about any new product. Also, you can promote your newsletter on social media platforms to gain more visibility. 

16. Consider Video Content Marketing

In the present scenario, video content is turning out to be an effective approach helping in better conversions. The industry research reflects that in 2023-24 the audience attention span has declined to somewhere around 8 sec. Hence in such a short duration, leaving an impact through textual or image content is challenging. So the best alternative is to work on video content marketing. Considering your product/service type you can formulate video content that can help you engage your audiences on different platforms.

Such practices help boost your brand visibility, and awareness and attract audiences in the long run. 

17. Plan For Snippets/Zero Ranking

Being an expert SEO company, we always state that SEO approaches are never constant and keep on evolving. Hence, to retain your ranking, you need to identify and work on these innovative and advanced SEO approaches. Accordingly, an advanced approach to work is getting your content featured on snippets. Snippets are the short/brief answer to the search query raised by the user. 

Google through its machine learning algorithms conducts a detailed search to look for the more precise answer to a user’s query. In such a matter, Google bot is not limited to webpages that are ranking at the top. So, you can simply work on optimizing your content to get featured on snippets and get to the top of SERP without getting a rank. 

18. Authoritative Guest Posting

You can target organic audiences even from other websites. It is not always important that your audience is coming from SERPs. But you can take the help of guest posting to drive audience attention and to build your website’s authoritativeness. You can write content for the aggregator websites, as well as post informational or promotional blog posts on reputed third-party platforms.

These websites have higher traffic than yours, and the audience on these websites often comes looking for a solution for their issue. Hence, simply posting your blogs on such websites can help redirect or divert the audience from the blogging platform to your website. However, while doing so you must keep the experience in focus and avoid any kind of clickbait or false claims. 

19. Hire an Experienced SEO Company 

If you are looking for a proven method to get an SEO ranking, then the best approach is to hire an experienced SEO company. An experienced SEO company such as VerveOnlineMarketing has experienced SEO professionals. These professionals are well aware of potential challenges and barriers that may arise in your SEO success.

Hence, partnering with experts can guarantee advanced and industry-oriented SEO practices, which can elevate your website ranking. Hence, can drive organic traffic to your website. 

20. Make Use of Hashtags

An effective tool that you are missing on are the hashtags. When you are posting your content on social media, you can make use of hashtags to reach a defined set of audience. In the absence of such hashtags, your content will only reach the audience who follow your social media handle. However, adding hashtags can help you reach audiences who are interested in specific post categories.

So you must plan on an active use of hashtags in your content to ensure improved visibility. Such visibility is not paid, hence, any audience appearing on your content and redirecting to your website is considered to be an organic audience. 

Final Words

These ways can help you improve your SEO strategy and drive expected/organic traffic to your website. But these are not the only approaches to be focused on, there are several more that can aid you in your brand’s digital growth. If you are struggling to get organic traffic for your website and better visibility, you must consider partnering with SEO experts at VerveOnlineMarketing.

We are a trusted brand with over 18+ years of experience providing SEO services to our clients. Our experts are well aware of SEO trends and intricacies and, hence can help you get improved SERP ranking and a boost in organic traffic. So what are you waiting for, connect with our experts and explore the potential of SEO in your digital growth journey. 

Not only does SEO but also can help you with paid campaigns, social media marketing as well as your ecommerce website development.


a. Is it possible to get organic traffic without SEO?

A common question that users often ask is whether there is any way to get organic traffic without SEO. The answer to your question is that SEO is not just a tool, but is a way of optimizing your content and website to get it ranked/visible on Google. Hence, even if you are not directly investing in SEO, you will have to optimize your content to get organic views. 

b. Is SEO the only way to gain organic traffic?

SEO is the proven way that help drive audience attention to your website. However, along with SEO, you must invest in performance marketing to boost your brand awareness and audience engagement in the competitive marketplace. 

c. Do Brand names matter for SEO?

Having an easily spellable and memorable brand name is important so that your audience can remember your brand. Such approaches may not have a direct impact on SEO but can be a major factor impacting your brand reach. 

d. How can I identify the keywords with the most traffic?

You can make use of SEO tools, as well as connect with an SEO expert to get access to the keywords with the highest possible traffic in your sector. Based on such you can plan your SEO strategy and target organic traffic.

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